Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bart and I

I can't share every moment of my trip to Zorana Land; however, I will share my moments with Bart. To my utter surprise, Bart snuck into my bed the first night. He warmed my feet and slept quietly. You should know that a cat has never slept with me; I like chickens but they don't sleep with me. And then the second night Z told me to just shut the door to keep Bart out. Bart has a secret and he is busted. I did shut the door. Again, to my utter surprise, I woke to the warmth of Bart. I was sure that I had shut the door. We later discovered that extra care to shut the door is needed. Listen for two clicks and it is shut well enough to keep Bart out. Imagine my utter surprise when I awoke to Bart scratching on the door for entrance to what is now known as Bart's room. I was the intruder. Bart and I are good enough friends though.

We had very serious conversations early in the mornings while the house was quiet. Actually, Bart is such a gentleman. While I was sitting in the chair in front of the computer, he would come up and tap my arm with his paw for an invitation to my lap. After some eye to eye and face to face conversation........

We read emails together.

And then it came time for me to pack and leave Zorana Land.
Now, I don't know if Bart was anxious for me to leave or maybe just maybe he wanted to come to Texas. Bart and I.

Expect more of Zorana Land,


  1. Hi Sharon your art is fabulous!
    You have recieved a fab blog award. Please visit my blog. Thank you so much! Julie-ann

  2. Yeah, Bart looks like a great cat. I have one too. Mine would probably hide from you as he is anti-social.....unless, of course, he took a liking to you. Since you are special, he probably would. I'm sending my son, in SF, the link to your blog...I want him to see your latest. Have FUN! Pat

  3. Sharon, thank you for all your sincere words toward my way. yes i do think this is such fun following along with, misty. and we look the same age and i love your red glasses. smile, good 3rd to you. wanda

  4. I am so enjoying you visit with Zorana and Bart seems to be quite a friendly, warm cat. Pat's cat has only been seen by me a couple of times Ethel is not a people person, yet Pat is. Come to Arkansas some time and share a few days with Pat and I - we would love to visit. Pat is my inspiration.
    Brenda at nevertoolatetohavefun

  5. Looks like Bart definitely adopted you. That was quite a compliment; he looks like a most discriminating gentleman. Love seeing your journal pages.

  6. Bart looks like a cool kitty. You should feel honored...cats are peculiar. Mine sleeps by my head every night.

  7. I enjoyed reading about you and Bart. You have such a great way of telling things. I'm enjoying your journal pages too. Thanks for the smile this morning and thanks for your comment on my blog. It made me smile too. :)

  8. I thought it was rude of Mr. Bart not to give you his room... but now that I see it - you were a good pair. He looks like the world's most serious cat and you look pretty serious too on the photos. Bart says he misses you.xo

  9. What eyes Bart has..such a knowing look. Very handsome feline...

  10. Oh Sharon - I love this post about your blossoming friendshiop with Bart! Have come over from Zorana's blog to say hi.

    Sounds like he fell in love with you. The serious photo of the two of you cracked me up!

    So pleased you had a wonderful time with Zorana, and with noble Bart too.


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