Saturday, August 15, 2009

Through the Red Moon

At my house, Friday nights are free nights. That means you get to do whatever you wish. You can even do nothing. I found myself on-the-couch and the neat thing about the craft iron is that you can used it on-the-couch. So, I added another layer of color to my sassy face and then found a spot on the "Confusion" quilt. I think she is flying through the red moon and I had no idea months ago when I added these pieces that it was for her.


  1. That is so pretty and colorful! I did not know that you quilted as well...To be honest, this whole summer has almost been a free time for me, but I have not been very productive and no where near the Red Moon!

  2. I find it always amazing with fabric how something placed with something else is just right. She is just right with the red moon and who would of thought such. Well you thought it of course.

    It so sparks a story in my mind of the "Girl In The Red Moon" What would be her adventures? The quilt is so charming so perhaps she charmed the man in the moon.
    That completely takes one away from the thought of a children's story.

    Sorry about the stupid spelling of
    cranberry yesterday, I must have been in a daze of heat or something.

    You have to be feeling better it shows and I am so glad.

    Muggy in the north, Emelie

  3. OMGoodness! That is so charming! I love the piecework Sharon!

  4. the wonder of working with spiritual elements (which to me art channels)
    you never know where something ends up working
    or changing the entire outcome of works...

    it is the coolest part...

    she fits well and forms a beautiful tapestry...weaving her spell

  5. So excited I did two crayon faces and had a really good time. Just used the techniques that you have taught before and a few other things I did with vivid colors.
    So fun!!!

    Raining in the north, Emelie

  6. She's perfect. You are always creating no matter where you are. On the couch, at the desk. You are a wonder!


  7. I absolutely love her---and you quilt too!! Yea!!

  8. Beautiful beautiful face... especially the sly little smile. Have been lurking around here but not commenting, my badness. Please forgive the rude behavior. Glad to see you arting and feeling better :)

  9. love the all your faces...i would love it if you might add me to you blog list once has been a tough year, but i am blogging regularly again...i think of you every time i pass your painting...she keep me good company...i miss you...hugs, rebecca


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