Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mini Iron

By request, here is the "craft iron" that I have been using. It is a Clover Mini Iron II "The Adapter"
And this is me doing art-on-the-couch with it.
The craft stores carry it and usually can be found in the sewing or fabric departments. Use your discount coupons like I did. It comes with a smaller tip than the one shown. And there is also a third "slimline adapter tip".
Going back to the couch now,


  1. Yes, couch art---that's a popular creative place in my world too!

  2. LOL so that is what they call it...I have one and did not know it was called a Craft Iron.
    I love your little face on the quilt below. I will be showing the quilt piece I just finished.
    So much to, so much fun :)

  3. Well, it will be fun to see this when finished! Confusion? I think you may be the least confused person I know! Art on the couch....good in every way....have fun! pat

  4. Thanks, now that I know I'll be waiting for my local store's coupon.


  5. I don't do 'Couch Art' as much as 'Bed Art'. My studio is off the master bedroom through the bath (thank goodness for a close sink!)in the bonus room. So I have to say my favorite other place to do art is in bed. And other than 'the gesso incident' it is a great place to create when hubby is away flying.

  6. That is a cool iron. I have the simpler version. It's great for use with crayons too.
    I did some couch art last can't beat it.

  7. I'm such a 'Messy Mary' that I wouldn't dare paint on my couch but I would LOVE to! I love to sit and sketch while watching tv.
    Great photo.......i really think your little tootsies are cute too! :)
    p.s. I've really enjoyed your youtube videos lately. Glad I found them!


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