Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Studio Cleaning Mode

First things first. Right? So, this is the corner that I have been working on and I'm so very excited about my progress. Most of these things have found new "keeping places" and when that was happening, I became inspired to move my CDs from the opposite end of this little shelf and to relocate my little boom box that was sitting on the counter by the utility sink. What? What was I thinking? By the sink?
During my one hour this morning I finished up this new music corner and I just can't stop looking at it. Truth is I haven't reorganized the little three drawer boxes that fit so perfectly under the shelf. But that is next and on my way to work I stopped by and purchased two more. They hold little things and yet are right out there where I won't forget about my little stuff.

Yesterday Lynne Hoppe mentioned using Portfolio Oil Pastels in her fabric journal and I tell you bells went off in my head. I just recently purchased mine and this morning slipped right from "cleaning mode" to "experimenting mode".....again.
I wondered how they would work on fabric and specifically how they would wash. I wanted to compare them to Caran d'Ache which is what I have been using on fabric for my slow cloth.

Before washing, I did heat set with the iron. Here she is after washing. I washed with cold water first and then switched to hot and noticed that some of the color washed away with the hot.
However as you can see, she still has nice color.
If you are using fabric for a wall hanging washing it would not be an issue; however, I am using it on a quilt which will get washed. When I get home this afternoon, I will add more color to her. I ran out of time even after calling in late but I got an extra hour today. Sure makes me happy to start the day in "cleaning mode" and "experimenting mode"


  1. I'd like to hire you to clean my workspace too! WOW, you did lots in little time!
    I adore the expression on your girl too!

  2. Congrats on all of your cleaning! It looks wonderful and I know you'll enjoy it. The face is cool, too!

  3. Oh, this reorganizing you are doing looks so great! I need to do the same and plan on doing so after my big quilting retreat teaching job in September...too much creativity spilling over in here to do much until after that event. But, you are inspiring me to really get into it.
    Also, I'm starting a gardening journal....maybe it will inspire me to grow some flowers more often rather than always sew some flowers!!! So glad to see your sound like you are feeling better! take care, pat

  4. You're making great progress! So glad to hear about the Portfolio washing! I just used mine today and I really do love the creamness. Yummy!

  5. Now that's what I call progress. Congrats! I look forward to seeing the rest of your studio clean up.

  6. Your studio is looking good and I'll bet you get a big smile just walking in there.

    I have the Portfolio's but haven't tried them of fabric. Thanks for testing them on you darling girl's face.

    Darla (in CA)

  7. you are progressing right along!
    another cute face too!

  8. OK!!! I am seriously inspired...right after I come back from the Grocery Store...(did Picasso have to worry about groceries?...not that I am comparing myself to Picasso)...I am going to the studio and do as you did, start in one corner.
    I tend to forget myself and start working on something or the other or get lost in reading a book or magazine. I keep telling myself to focus on cleaning :):)

  9. I am still at it. It really is no easy chore to go through every nook, cranny, drawer, shelf, bin etc. I feel like I'll never be done....YET it's going to be so worth it because what I will have left I will know I want or is still good. AND there are general life interruptions so it hasn't been a steady thing.
    I love Portfolio pastels because they are so creamy and easy to spread or use wet. I haven't done a lot on fabric with them but I have done some that didn't need washing. I just adore these faces you're doing. Since beginning this studio clean up I haven't drawn so much as a circle and believe me....I am chomping at the bit!!!
    Won't it be nice when we're all done? :)

  10. Well, you are just moving right along!! I want to say I am inspired...but that would insinuate that I am moving towards clearing out my nest....and I am clearly NOT doing that. so I guess I will say I am inspired to 'desire' to clear out things and NOT be constantly fighting AdultArtDistractionDysfunction.

    xox Rella

  11. That's it I have AADD! Thanks I can tell DH there's a name for it.
    The space is looking good. I am going to finish mine next week...if I can stay focused. Been teaching classes and that sucks th time right out of me.

  12. I just love that face! I also use Caran d'Ache, but have never tried washing anything. The Portfolio Oil Pastels look good after the wash.
    Your cleared sapce looks great too, my whole house needs a sort out I'm afraid.

  13. Although I understand the need to get organize and clean out our studios, I also like the look of an art filled room. A place that looks like you actually work and play there. lol

  14. Love the faces and I have those crayons and will try them!! ALSO, IF you aren't feeling better quick, have them do a thyroid check!! After a minor surgery, I felt worse and worse and thought it was the anesthesia, until I ended up in the emergency room and they said my thyroid medicine was OVERDOSING me!! The Doc "apologized" for not RE-CHECKING my thyroid function after the surgery! Evidently a surgery will change your thyroid functions?...anyway, just in case...

  15. Arney went back to work today...he was so glad to be going out the door this morning.
    I went right into action on my craft stuff. I have neglected everything. It is hard to clean with a man under foot. It was a great excuse in many ways.
    I love the faces on your girls.
    What fun you must be having. Can't wait to see your quilt when it is done. Take care of you, Mary

  16. Oh, I need your cleaning bug! Looks lovely!

  17. I am a biggo fan of the Portfolios! I use them a lot. love the face you created.


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