Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Are Invited

Remember this view from the Studio Tour Video?
Can I just say that box at the end of the table has been sitting there for no less than 5 years.
For real.

You are invited to come play ART with me.
Can you?

I just had to show my table and invite someone to come and make ART with me.


By the time you get here, I will have all these organized, framed and decorating the wall.

Sorry, I know you are probably tired of seeing my studio organization project.

But I just had to show my table.

I covered with Red Rosin paper because Katie said she did that and then when the paper is all juicy with paint and stuff, she uses it for journal pages.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

I'll be expecting you,



  1. Oh I wish I could.
    Looks wonderful Norah!!

  2. >stomping my feet & throwing a tantrum<

    I wanna come!!!

    How darling & I LOVE the idea of the paper down to catch the dribbles. :)

  3. well Sharon, I called you Norah.
    Tell me, how "Norah" came about??

  4. It really looks inviting and cheerful. You are definitely ready for art fun. I'll come play with you. How about next spring? xo

  5. Yes! my friend Zorana. Next spring it is, when the blue birds are hatching. Can't wait.

  6. Dear Sharon:

    That would be the most fun in the world, more fun than the beach or the mountain or even a cruise. I know I cannot. Makes me feel like running and screaming. A most generous kind offer. Not to mention fun, fun, fun.

    Your room and work area is so fresh and inviting, and I see the coffeemate handy which is a good sign. Or it was handy, now it is organized.

    Been doing crayon art and have some on tranfer paper for ironing,
    also making small additions I can use in a quilt flowers and just texture designs. It rained again and that was also a gift as well as the time to do such.

    BTW, I had to comb my hiar and put on some lipstick before typing this. Emelie

  7. love the idea of the red rosin paper on the work table... oohh I am going to cover mine too. how fun. btw, you have been inspiring many of us out here to clean up our studio spaces too. good job. just lovely. now get busy arting it up..
    ps hope you are feeling much better now.

  8. oh what a terrific idea!!!! mary and sharon you are great insights
    i shall cover my table with a paper too!!!
    i am not getting tired of hearing about the refab...it give me motivation!!!
    i think we all play together already (in spirit anyway)

  9. Maybe we should have the '"sisters" at your house? We look forward to the next time we can play ART with you!
    XOX the Tucson Tads

  10. Sharon,

    Ooh I would love to come too! The red rosin paper sounds like a great idea. I usually cover with freezer paper. I hear that red rosin paper is pretty cool stuff. I need to remember to go look for it next time I am Lowe's or home depot.


  11. looks so lovely and inviting sharon, you give me hope that mine will be finished one day sooner then later :)) xx

  12. How nice. Everything looks great!
    I have family in Texas (Beaumont), If I could vist, you would be on the firt and last stop:)


  13. i want to play!!! one of the best things would be to play with you, misty and katie. a girl can dream...

  14. Sharon....One of these days, I may just do that....or at the very least have a short visit...you know, you aren't that far from my sister!!! Your table with the yellow chairs is so inviting....and NO, I will NEVER get tired of anything you decide to post, including your reorganization!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration...pat

  15. It looks so inviting! I will never tire of seeing your studio project!

  16. Oh I'd love to come!!! To spend a day painting with you would be a dream come true. I like the idea of the red paper on the table. Now I have figured out what it is and know where to get it.
    Now you are ready to create. You've decluttered your room, and your obsession with getting it done. Now, you can create without those things bothering you.
    What is next???? I'm dying to see more of your work!

  17. I wish I was there sitting in one of those yellow chairs..

  18. Oh my, dear Sharon, be very careful what you wish for! Pat and I might just take you up on your invitation. We are close enough and inspired enough to plan a visit and then what would you do?!?

    Never apologize for posting about studio clean-up and organization; I need all the help and motivation I can get. Thank you so much for sharing your progress with us.

    Sherry in Little Rock

  19. It is late evening, and it is me again. That red rosin paper is also a memory for me, when I was a child people would wrap it around their house at the foundation up to the windows and nail it with lathe to hold it in place, it was believed that it kept out drafts. If you have always lived in warm climate you would not have witnessed this.
    I would love to get a roll of it,
    I do have designs on a plastic table cloth downstairs.

    I am very excited this evening, as I did a transfer with one of my color crayon pieces onto fabric, the instructions said that if I removed the tranfer paper right away I would have a matte finish and not shiny, so it isn't shiny
    and it come out really nice, it has been fun going through the bins hunting for things to go with it. Last fall I practiced doing intensive machine quilting with many lines of stitches. It is very hard to not be ordinary.

    Hope your resting and not organizing, it is such a motivation to get things done.

    Can't wait for tomorrow, Emelie

  20. Oh...I am sooo there!
    Got to get me some of that rosin paper.
    I would love to come in the spring and meet you guys!

  21. Let me check some flights to
    Texas.....maybe Zorana and i could book at the same time for a real art retreat "Norah" style. :)

  22. Your studio is looking fantastic Sharon, I wish I could visit. Your red rosin will be a work of art too in a few months, we can't buy it over here, our hardware stores have never heard of it.

  23. Thank you ever so much for the invite. I would love to come play art with you. It is so art-lonely here in the cabin in the woods. The animals,both wild and domestic, don't make good art players! Now if I could only figure out how to get there...

    You've done a great job organizing by the by!

  24. Save me a seat at the art table. You never know what the future might bring in the way of travels.

    You've done such a great job with your renewed studio.


  25. I, like everyone else, would love to paint with you...sounds so wonderful! It's been fun watching your studio organization, and you have inspired me, too. I'm even making a studio at my espresso shop...in the storage building. Can't seem to sell the espresso shop, so I might as well just make a place for art if I have to be there. Espresso and Art are a good combination.
    Thank you for sharing!

  26. "Where women create" was asking on facebook "which artist would u most want to visit and what would u do when u got there?" And I said Sharon T. cus I love her, and we would watch the birds and paint, paint, Paint! Now here u are offering. What a great dream come true that would be. If only..... sigh. Btw, so happy ur doing better, really really missed u.

  27. Very inviting. Wish I could just run over and paint with you. I would learn soooooo much.

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  29. I believe you should take your organizational skills on the road and see what you can do in my tiny overcrowded space...*throws down gauntlet*

  30. I'm ready to come over and play! Great job on your studio organization....looks like a lot of work!!

  31. I'm on my way. Get the chocolate ready!


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