Friday, August 14, 2009

Experimental Mode

When my friend, the Organization Guru said, "you cannot go from cleaning/organization mode to creative mode", I'm pretty sure she didn't mean I could not switch to "experimental" mode.

During my morning hour, after a little organization, I was sidetracked and switched right into "experimental" mode.

Could be that I have a new box of Crayola crayons and a new craft iron.
I was experimenting with the new craft iron to heat set this little face that I did weeks ago using the Caran d'Ache crayons. She is on muslin and I suddenly had the urge to use my new Crayola crayons around the edges of the face and then heat set with the new craft iron. Just experimenting don't you know?

Then, I wondered what would happen if I washed the little piece of muslin. Experimenting. Before I knew it I grabbed the dish soap and washed the fool out of it.
I rather like that it softened it a bit; however, I do expect to go over it again with both kinds of crayons and eventually she and others like her will become a part of this art-on-the-couch project. Getting excited about it again.
Expect a great weekend,


  1. Oh yes! Norah is back!!! And experimenting with crayons. How fitting! Love it love it love it! Good to have you back. xo

  2. A craft iron huh? I've been wanting to play with colors on fabric so now I want one of those.

    Good to see you experimenting :-)


  3. Cool! I just love the little expressions that you create with your girls. Those mouths are awesome!

  4. your 'experiment' is all good

  5. Your experiments are inspiring! Can't wait to see the finished couch project!

  6. I'm tending to think these days that everything we do is an experiment. So, go for it!!! You are beginning to sound "normal".....yeah, I know...whatever that is. Do enjoy yourself! pat

  7. Hi Norah, I just love your style and I want to try some of your wonderful idea's I can not stop thinking about it at all.

    Thank you for being you and giving me inspiration!

  8. LOL! You can not stop organizing to paint a face and what did you do??? Chose a new word and painted a face!


    Which is accomplishing more than I feel like I have! :p

  9. What a sweet little face! Mmmmm like the softness after the washing(both in colour and feel of fabric). Looking forward to seeing more of your experiments.

    Jacky xox

  10. Well Hello!!! :) I love it that you are will keep :) Sweet little face.
    Now tell me what is a craft iron?

  11. Oh it does my heart and spirit good to see this person in the pastel.

    You also reminded me that I was going to shave some crayon on paper and iron it. I had forgotten and I have this ice cream pail of crayons.

    I learned today that if I make a copy on my copier of my scrap
    papers I can work with it better because it is thinner for work on a collage.

    I also learned that iron on tranfers that are large can be used in a painting.

    And off the art topic I learned that cran berries use to be crane berries because years ago and still that is where the sandhill cranes would light for the night, in the cranberry marsh.

    I feel so much better that you were distracted. More normal.

    Weekends are to enjoy, Emelie

  12. Yea!! She's back! I think experimenting while organizing is not breaking the rules! Keep it up!

  13. A craft iron - I have never seen one. What fun you have been having experimenting

  14. Oh what a sweet and soft face. She looks like she has a secret. Glad you are feeling better and creating again.

  15. I just adore how you softened her look!

  16. There is nothing like a brand spanking new box of Crayola's! It always makes me think of the first day of elementary school.

  17. Art on the Couch..That could become the new big thing in MALIN! I could see people lining up to watch you...seriously, art is great no matter where it is made. Just look at the number of people who come by every time you post to reaffirm.

  18. OK we are so behind the times here in Australia, please explain (photo would be great) what is a craft iron??
    I am adding to your parcel Sharon and it will leave next week look out for a registered parcel from aus

  19. In the education business, we call this ADCD: attention deficit color disorder Sharon, and all the best artists have it! Not really, but, in this world of syndroomes, it sounds good, doesn't it, and it certainly LOOKS good, if your work is any example. Loving the way this is turning out, and I'm glad you're back. I missed you!


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