Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nosey Peeps

Yes, I do have some nosey peeps. And I love that. Because you ask, here is the inside of the big doors after reorganizing. I only lack the utility sink section.

I have felt driven this weekend to get this done. I'm getting so close being finished with the ART studio. Then I will tackle the Sewing studio where a lot of stuff has been relocated and is "in holding" for me.

Hope you all had a great weekend doing just what ever you wished to do.


  1. organized. I'm getting the itch to do some of my own but,alas, I've got a bunch of shows coming up so I have to concentrate on that.


  2. looking SO good, sharon! hope you're continuing to feel better, too!

  3. Sharon, Your reorganizing is looking so good that I'm getting that urge too. Right now, my Nest looks like someone picked it up and shook it. Working on something urgent for the time being...but you can bet that after Sept. 15th, you will find me doing just what you have been doing.
    I know you are going to enjoy both studios when you are done...and won't that big accomplishement make you feel good!!! I'll be watching. Continue to feel better. pat

  4. Looks nice! I finally cleaned my room. I still have a bit more to fit back into it but at least it's clean. I like how organized you are.

  5. Looks nice! I finally cleaned my room. I still have a bit more to fit back into it but at least it's clean. I like how organized you are.

  6. I want you to know that you inspired me to organize my little closet and shelf. I don't have nearly as much space or stuff, but inspiration is so contagious! (tweet, tweet!)

  7. What is is about seeing others clean their studio that we LOVE so very much!! I think it just so fun to see! I think as an artist we all love all the stuff that goes into the creating, the paper, the pens, the paint and it is fun to see how others organize it all, and where all the creating takes place. After all we are visual!!!!

    Hope you are feeling better and getting stronger each day.

  8. Now that you have it all tidy and organized I'm bringing my sleeping bag and moving in. You won't mind sharing a little corner will you?


    PS - my word varification is "excess" - don't know why but for some reason I needed to tell you that. LOL!

  9. Hi Sharon:

    You do realize that you have tremendous influence, or perhaps I am easily swayed which is true also.

    I did get some organization done and there is only one thing I can't find, that is quite good for me. I want all the books I use for collage in one place and I have to do that yet. I have a friend who cringes when I buy and old book as she knows I will be ripping and tearing from it. She thinks books are sacred.

    I wanted to tell you that I took out the "Cloth Paper Scissors" magazine and had to admire your girls with the flamingos again. I so love everything about her. Her lips, her hand, her coat. I miss the stock girl at the grocery that looked like her, she must of found a better job.

    Wishing you feeling good.
    Out to pick zinnias for the house.

  10. Your studio is lookin' great Sharon! Now you will be able to find what you need when you need it! That is until you get a big project going and everything is all spread around again.
    We can't be overly neat...kills the creative spirit! At least that is my excuse!! LOL!!! Great pictures. Hope you are on the mend and keep creating wonderful things for us to oogle and drool over!!!!

  11. Looks good! I am determined to get mine done this week. Can't stay away from the painting table.

  12. you have been an ispiration to me
    to get some organizing done too..

    misery loves company kind of thing?

    not to say i am miserable when cleaning up my studio...just being in there brings me pleasure...
    and gets me thinking of future possibilities...

    so cleaning is a good thing


    yours is looking fabulous!

  13. Looking good my friend! All spiffy and organized!
    I FINALLY finished and I can tell you that after a couple of weeks of working in there i am stiff all over. (I'm getting old -ha!)
    I wish I had a sink!

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  15. Wow!!! I really adore this. Everything is being organized. Love it!!!


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