Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Studio Tour Before

My studio tour which was never intended for prime time was made the day before I injured my nose. I just did it one morning to email to my friend to show her where I create.

Now, I'm in the midst of a "makeover" and the video serves as a great "before" example. The makeover actually is all about a new studio. That's right, I'm turning a bedroom into a Sewing Studio. Then I will have two rooms in my home to wreck. I have thought long and hard about this as my greatest fear was just that. Another room to wreck.

As you can see, this room was always a studio. However, it was mostly a sewing and doll studio. All those cabinets are filled with sewing and doll related supplies and tools. I won't be able to move all of it to the new sewing studio because that room does not have this much storage. But I will be able to organize all of this mixed media into some of those great cabinets.

I will keep you posted on my progress and hopefully I will show a little art along the way.

You are all so encouraging and I thank you for that. It really does motivate me to "do it".

Be expectful,



  1. BRAVO Sharon!!! Huge undertaking, but when you get it done, I promise you will feel like a new woman. I moved my studio last year..actually combined my working studio and my art studio into one.
    Smaller space but it was well worth the effort because instead of two art studios I now have one.
    Plus the really cool part.. you will find all sorts of things you forgot you had. Well I did.
    good to hear you are feeling better.. take care.. and happy

  2. Thank you for this...I don't feel so bad now about the state of my studio :)
    You have a lot of wonderful space and a lot of potential...I look forward to seeing the will spur me on to do something about my messes.

  3. I dunno Sharon, looks to me that alot fun could happen in that studio! I loved the tour, thank you for sharing without editing.....if it helps at all, my studio isn't as big, but it's packed too! Lots of love in those rooms...that's for sure. besides, who can create in a super clean place? Stifles the creativity.

  4. oh, wow!!! wonderful space. excited to read what's next.

  5. Well, you surely have some excellent storage, and I'm jealous of your sink! I have bottles of water in my (basement) studio and an empty gallon milk jug that I pour used water in and then haul it upstairs and dump the water (in the flowers). It works out fine though-I get exercise ha! Glad you're feeling better, too!

  6. WTG! I would never video my sewing room. LOL! I have become more numb (or stupid) in my aging and have let a few people in my sewing room. I tell them if they tell anyone how bad it is ... I'll have to ...

    well, you know! ;)

  7. Sharon, I enjoyed the video of your studio and will look forward to seeing your new one too. Wish I was there to help you out...I love doing the organizing "thing"......although I'm sure you couldn't tell it if you were here right now. Your space is exactly the type to encourage don't get it too take care of yourself and have some fun too! pat

  8. I loved seeing your studio. Everytime I do a mass clean up I put things away so neatly that I can't find them. I am still looking for my awl---have no idea where it went but I do know it's organized in the most perfect place. Can't wait to see your after!!

  9. I am the voice of dissension...Those cabinets up on the wall are phenomenal and I would love to have a set of those jumbo washers and driers! I think it looks like a LOT of creative things are going on in that room! Where do you buy the large bottles of Golden products?

  10. Hi Sharon:

    A great studio, I am such a child as I felt a great need to touch.
    It is fun to organize and one doe find things that are like gifts.
    I have always thought that if you spend a lot of time looking and touching your creative materials that many ideas come, also by the time I have layed all the things aside I want to use next I have lost some of my purpose.

    My husband has put huge effort into making the whole downstairs just for my art and sewing except for the laundry that is there also.

    He said once he didn't want to have me have to use carboard boxes any longer so I do have many shelves with see through bins.

    You sound like your better and that counts for so much. When we go to bed and feel like I can hardly wait till tomorrow I think that is really feeling good, However you didn't say that, but I get that feeling a lot from your blog.

    If you hae a pile of things you want to use next I hope to see it.

    Embracing summer and all the embracing is hot. Emelie

  11. i don't think size the end... eliminates that 'full' feeling

    cause mine is overflowing and 3 times as large
    one never has enough room for all the 'collections'

    when you are finished there you can come help me over here!

    thanks for sharing
    and i hope you follow through with those updates
    maybe i'll come up with some solutions to my overgrown space

    i always enjoy when everyone shares their space...

  12. Sharon I just love how authentic you are! It makes this blog one of my very favorites....sorry I don't comment more. But I just love everything you present and teach us!!

    Hugs Giggles


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