Monday, August 17, 2009

Goofy Girls

For the most part, I sat on the couch all day Sunday and colored/painted these goofy girls that will eventually become a part of this bit of "Confusion". I really do not know what I'm doing but it sure is fun.
Just so you know, my inspiration is Spirit Cloth blog. She does amazing things with bits of cloth.


  1. Hi Sharon...hope you're feeling better after your "mishap".

    I just have to tell you that I love visiting your blog. There is always something new and colorful and exciting to see. You are such an inspiration.

  2. oh hey, these are great. giant face dots! thanks for the link.

  3. they are having a party!
    they are delightful and bring smiles when looked at!!

  4. Love these! They look like fun. Hope your recovery is progressing nicely!!

  5. Yes, Jude does wonderful things with tiny bits of fabric...your "goofy girls" will be wonderful also...looking forward to seeing them. pat

  6. Your girls have charm, I understand the fun. I also onderstand that goofy creative is different from goofy accidental.
    Your goffy is very beautiful in a way that I said before charming.

    I bought a huge box of crayones today just because, it was discount day for seniors at the store, the checkout woman asked for ID, now was it my look or the fact tht I bought crayons???

    Having so much fun and doing rubbings with crayons is a great
    joy since vases, old hankie boxes,
    odds and ends, and even an abstract layering of papers can creat great designs in the work.
    many glass pieces have great stars on the bottom.

    thanks for the link to the fab quilts, also a great reminder of what is in the bins downstairs.

    the clouds look like fall, Emelie

  7. Some cheeky little faces here them and love Judes blog too

    Jacky xox

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