Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Function and Beauty

Collage by dj Pettitt
I don't think I have shared this story but now is a good time. It's all about "function" and "beauty". Almost half of my married life ago, around 1986, maybe a little later, my dear husband and I were clearing brush and trees around our tank dam. He explained to me how the beautiful willow trees just sucked up the water from the tank and we needed to clear them. I was all for clearing the brush and making it pretty; however, there was one little stand of willow trees that I had been clearing around without his help and it gave a beautiful view from my kitchen window. I ask him to please not cut them down. I showed him exactly which ones I wanted to be left. We worked. I had no idea that he would not honor my wish and suddenly there he was with his chain saw cutting the very trees that I had pointed out. I was crushed to tears. I could not understand why. Why would he go against my wish. It felt like he did it on purpose and with malice. Like I said, crushed to tears. His explanations was so simple. He said, "Sharon, I can't cast my rod standing there because my fishing line gets caught in those trees."

About two seconds after he told me that, I had a life changing understanding of our relationship. He is all about "function" and I am all about "beauty". Many many times since that day I have needed to know this and reflected on that moment and grateful for the understanding.
Actually, the truth is, I am about beauty with function. My ART studio is a place of function. I need things in order to function and I need them to be organized. So, I have taken care of the "function" part of this Studio project. But in order to reflect "me", there has to be "beauty" in the studio. That is the stage I am working on now.
I have quite a few pieces of art and art prints that were stacked on the floor along with various frames that I have collected. The time finally came for me to put the beauty on the studio walls.
A few of my ART pieces needed special cut mats or frames. Earlier this week I went to Michaels for that purpose. After I selected mats for four pieces and placed that order, I realized how knowledgeable the frame lady on duty was, I ask her if I could ask her opinion about some problem pieces of art. She grinned great big and said, "Oh, I always have lots of opinions." So the first piece I pulled out was a beautiful collage by dj Pettitt, (the first photo at the top). She quickly took it to the section of "floating" frames and I knew immediately that was a perfect solution.

original art by Ro Bruhn
Next was a beautiful original by Ro. I didn't want to mat over the edges and her solution was this little narrow black frame with the art mounted on top of black card stock. Great solution.
art print by Misty Mawn
Then, I had this Misty print that I intended to get special cut mat for. She felt it would work in one of their precut mats. Sure enough the top mat in a double mat package was perfect.

art print by Vanessa Valencia
and I used the creamy bottom mat with this art print.
So, I'm very excited about the "beauty" and with "function" in my studio. Just as soon as I get it all on the walls, you know I will share.
Expect it,


  1. Your story about the trees gave me a momentarily crushed feeling. The old "Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars" book came to mind.

    I see you've rescued yourself with beauty tho. What wonderful artworks you are framing.


  2. Yeah! I love that you are decorating your studio. I think that is so special. :) I have a few lovelies in my sewing room and plans for others to hang too.

    How wonderful that the frame lady had great ideas for you. :)

  3. What a beautiful post. Men are so very different from us. I think their brains are wired differently.
    But, yes, those willow trees will drink up a lot of water. I would have told him to stand somewhere else and cast that rod.
    Love the artwork and framing choices.

  4. Men really are different than women. But even beyond that we seem to be attracted to differences I think.
    My son once asked me, "Mom how did you and Dad ever get together, you are so different?" Knowing that has helped in many instances!!! :)

    Sharon, :) I can't wait to see all the lovely pictures on the wall.

  5. You always make me think of so many things to say. Just beautiful pieces of work alrady to hang that is such fun and feels so good that one cannot stop looking.

    You speak of function and beauty which I understand, my husband is the same, EXCEPT get this, he has been cleaning a large shed all summer, the other day he had fashioned some tables along the wall for his things, and it had an arrangement, a very old primitive box, some old horse harness for when machines were horse pulled, a couple very primitive pots made by the daughters long ago in school.
    It was an arrangement of things he wanted to look at. It was one of the things one learns about people after 44 yrs. Otherise he is much the same about function and stuff.

    I am over stimulated today, not all your fault, my quilting is going rather well, I went to see about a new cat, the cat that came here was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 weeks ago and had to be put down and I was so sad over that.

    Enough chatter from me.
    Warm in the North, Emelie

  6. A beautiful and inspriing post my dear. I am married to Mr. Function. I loved the way you wrote, it was respectuful. Thank you.

  7. Sharon, Well,now, you have helped me with this post....I have two of your pieces I haven't framed yet because I couldn't find what I wanted. Now, I can approach it with new information!! Like you, I appreciate function alongside beauty...I don't think we're alone. Keep it up, girl, you are on a roll!!! pat

  8. What a lovely surprise to see my piece of art and in such a lovely frame, I feel so honored that you're going to hang it in your studio. I get so many comments about your wonderful painting, I love it.

  9. I just found your site while out surfing this am and what a great site! I loved your post on the studio and I will be right over!LOL!
    the post about your realization was splendid! thank you for sharing!

  10. i have one of those practical husbands too...i have learned to work around it as well
    lovely pieces of works for your space!
    it sounds as if it is all coming together..

  11. I am enjoying your studio revamp...this promises to be special, all of this wonderful art hanging on your walls from friends around the world.
    That beauty vs function thing pops up so much in our married life doesnt it...I know where you are coming from living on a farm. I love willow trees too and would have been totally devastated.
    Love the photo of your table in the previous post...I would love to come and play Sharon, it looks so inviting (and I want to find some of that rosin paper!).

    Take care and have a lovey weekend.

    Jacky xox

  12. Your story about your husband made me think about the differences in how we operate between Tony and I - hmmm. And how magic to have a framing lady that gets what you want - just magic.

  13. Thank you for sharing that story Sharon!

  14. thank you for sharing your touching story sharon - so much of the beauty in it is in the way you perceived the experience and how you could bring more understanding to how your partner experiences the world you share. (maybe my husband is your husbands long lost brother? :-)

    the artwork looks lovely with the matting and framing and no doubt will find a place that will give you months and years of happiness.

    today i am tidying up my studio as well, putting everything back in it's place, new red rosin paper down...i love the feeling of a freshly cleaned and orderly studio.

    thank you for the inspiration. xo


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