Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I think I am going to make it. I had no idea how this stupid accident/surgery would effect me in more ways than you want to know.
I so appreciate all of your well wishes, concerns and the warmth conveyed to me. I simply have not had energy to respond but ask your forgiveness for that.
I refrained from boring you with the gory details of my dilemma. Though I was tempted.
And now, I'm ready to move forward but I'm still not bouncing.
A good sign is my art-at-the-desk today. I just spent a little time looking through an old Victoria magazine for collage scraps so I can maybe try to apply what I learned at Katie's workshop at the art retreat in early July.
And by the way, what happened to July?
I fully expect this weekend to be ART full. Again, thank you so much for being out there.
xoxoxoxo to all


  1. I have been like a mother hen checking nearly every time I go online. SOOO glad you are doing a little better. Poor kid!!! Well the good news is after you are feeling great and doing art, GRATEFUL will be your new WORD!
    linda drake

  2. i was checking too linda!
    we missed you!!!
    glad you are getting back together
    i do not recommend surgery
    i had one last year
    and i decided
    i am not ever!
    having another one...

    wishing you an artful weekend!!

  3. Hooray you are back!!!! I have been like Linda, checking in every day to see how you are....glad that you are back in your studio and starting to think again of making art! you were missed!

  4. OHHH NOOOOO!!!! I have been absent from blogandia and did not know of this trauma you had experienced. You poor dear. Surgery!! AACACKKKKK!!! Is this worse than the grass cutting accident????? I am wishing you a speedy recovery and when it's all said and done, perhaps you will laugh about the round about way you went about getting a crooked (it didn't look crooked to me) nose fixed. There are simpler ways, my dear.

    Much love to you
    p.s. I have hoarded Victoria magazine sine the inception in 1987. Loved the old ones far better. I even got two of the same issue at times so I could cut one and save the other. It's a sickness.
    xox Rella

  5. Glad to see you back Sharon!! Life has it's setbacks for sure, but it makes us appreciate when we are in good health. Looking forward to your ART again!! Happy day to you!

  6. That is good news...Art Therapy works for me every time.

  7. Not feeling on top of the world myself, I certainly understand how you are feeling. I've been checking on you and it's nice to know you are beginning to feel better. What a relief! Now, yes, play and expect! And, I'll be watching whenever you feel like doing....A BIG HUG!! pat

  8. I have been worried and I do believe anesthesia for surgery does as much to a person as the procedure that you had or anyone has. Those chemicals put me in terrible shape.

    So your on the mend and still need to rest and take care of yourself.
    Art thoughts are a good sign for sure.

    If I were near I would come and do things that you would like done, have a short chat and just be useful.

    Thinking good thoughts from the north. Emelie

  9. So glad you are back. Been sending *dragon* vibes your way. You were missed! Wishing you well.

  10. Glad to have you back! I also have been checking in on you. Don't worry ...you will be bouncing in no time.
    Let me know if you find out where July went.

  11. Welcome back!!! You were most definitely missed. I know I'm not the only one looking forward to seeing your inspiration-filled posts again. Take care.

    Sherry in Little Rock

  12. Happy to see you back Sharon! Sorry to hear you had a tough time of it!

    Now about those eggs that visitor laid before you went to Katie's?

  13. Glad you're feeling better, but please take your time and don't over do it!

  14. Happy to hear you are doing better.
    You'll soon be bouncing all over the place

  15. Sharon,

    I saw you commenting on Zorana's blog so I figured you must be doing better. I am glad to see you posted to let us know. We were all worried about you.


  16. Yay!! I'm so glad ur okay. I've been checking everyday, stubbornly refusing to think anything but good thoughts for u. and ur back, Much love to u, and please be more careful, we miss u when ur gone. La

  17. I so adore Victoria mag, find it so inspiring, even my 14 year old ones. Glad you are feeling better and we share a love for that mag!

  18. Welcome back, you poor thing! Glad you are feeling up to a bit of art again and I'm looking forward to your magazine art journalling a la Katie.
    Take your time in getting back into the swing of things.

    Jacky xox

  19. Just glad to hear that you are on the mend and at least beginning to feel artful. I subscribe to Victoria and love the little decadence it allows me...to dream.

  20. Nice to hear you're continuing to improve. Do you know they say it takes close to a year for our bodies to fully recovery from surgery. Of course after awhile we aren't aware of the recovery process except maybe on those days we have lack of energy. I hope you have enough energy soon to have your artful weekend.

  21. Get better soon!
    Your art is so inspiring!!!!

  22. Oh dear, oh dear!! I am wayyy behind on blog reading and w/o you posting it wasn't showing up in my blog reader.

    I'm so sorry to learn a little accident turned into surgery for you.

    Sending cyber hugs for a speedy recovery!!

  23. Like so many of your fans, I missed you! Happy to know you are up to thinking about doing a collage.


  24. So glad to hear from you.....that must mean that you are on the mends! Can't wait to see the new nose...LOL! Have a great week-end in your studio:) hugs, Linda

  25. I so hope you are doing better soon. You just never know when your plans are going to be changed! Prayers and best wishes for you.


  26. oh, good grief, charlie brown! I didn't know you had a crocked nose in the first place. The lengths people will go to to have plastic surgery. LOL. I know -- it's not funny. that's just my way of saying I'm so-o-o-oo-o sorry for you. what are we going to do about you and your yard accidents? Glad you're on the mend now. Take care. Love you.

  27. I am so glad you are back! I have checked every day and was starting to get concerned! Plus I miss your wonderful blog! The nose looks great!

  28. I've been checking in too....I am glad to see you slowing returning. I feel so bad you are going through all that and hope you are truly on the mend. I miss you and your art!
    Healing wishes,
    p.s. Dang that "you hooty" anyway, I think it messes up everyone's studio!

  29. Keep hanging in there! Surely those old Victoria's and that cup of tea in that great cup will make you feel much Better! :D

    yapping cat

  30. I was so relieved to read your comment on my blog! Of course, I knew what happened from your last post, but I am so glad to know you're getting better. I've missed your art, but, even more, I've missed hearing your "voice." I didn't realize how attached I'd become to your wry sense of humor and insight. You MUST be more careful, dear one; I remember the lawnmower incident last year. Give yourself a big hug from me and take care!


  31. It's good to see that you are at least rolling back, if not bouncing! Love to check out your art, especially tutorials. Very inspiring!

  32. So glad your spirit is returning. Hope you're back arting in full swing very soon.


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