Thursday, October 29, 2009

Colorific ART

While participating in Mystele's on-line Gut Art class, I am trying to listen to the "why" that I do what I do. I'm not sure that it is necessary; however, while I'm feeling the freedom in my Gut Art Journal to just BE me and explore ART without my own self imposed limitations, I do hear the "why". What I'm saying is that I do make conscious choices about making marks of color.
For me, the finished facing page dictated that I should carry the color red across. I scrapped the leftover red on the page and days later came back to discover houses and roofs and there was the word "home" at the center bottom. The face also reflects the red as it should.
I finished up the page with the adjective form of color.....Colorific !
Expect colorific ART,


  1. Superific. I so love the way your lady looks upon your color artwork. She is so adoring and thoughtful.

  2. you have a gifted eye for seeing through the muddle...that doesn't happen for me!
    this is great!

  3. Red seems the right colour for this time of year - your pages are so vibrant and joyful.

  4. I love how you combined complexity and simplicity in this piece! the color is gorgeous, as always.

  5. How interesting that the word "house" was there all along! I love the lady and the red houses!

  6. Oh YAY!! I love the colors! This is all so much funny, I saw that little bird in my painting too! I better go bring him out!!!hahah

  7. Great reminders to look for things and use ones imagination, and direct color in an artful way so a piece is enhanced. Reminders that sometimes drift off as we work and get our minds to wound around the idea of our art turning out well.

    I do love red, it stimulates all by itself. It just feels good.
    A bit in art is fun and unexpected even when the work doesn't have much.

    W#hy we do what we do? For me it is simple, I enjoy it and really like many forms of art. I feel better when I do some each day.
    Even as good as exercise. Doing both makes one feel really good.

    Hope your feeling good today and your mind wanders toward artful things. Your making me want to do an art journal and I will, I found a lovely old embossed cover for it yesterday.

  8. Colorific! A great word to match your outstanding artwork.

  9. ps: my littlle white bird wanted to be a yellow chickie!

  10. Great word. It reminds me of another word I read today: procraftinating. I do that all the time!

  11. Loving red.... and I love how you have carried it across to the next page!

    Jacky xox


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