Saturday, October 03, 2009

Golden Day

A sure sign of fall here with the Golden Rod in bloom. I have wanted to take pictures all week. But didn't. I still have the photo/computer problem here at home and so on the weekend, no photos; however, I couldn't let that stop me. Looks like I have been drawn to golden rod in the past. I may have even shared this very photo in the past. It is from yesteryear.

So, today I am painting and playing ART with bright colors. It is one of those days when I have many ARTful things on my mind but could very easily sit at the window and waste away this golden day that is beyond my window.
Expect gold,


  1. How fun, and what a wonderful feeling to walk into your beautifully organized studio and sewing room. They both look fabulous! I know you have to be enjoying them.

    I love goldenrod, one of my favorite flowers actually! I like to put it with sunflowers too.

    Have a great day painting!

  2. Reallylarge heads and I enjoyit also, it blooms in ditches here with purple and dark pink asters and just gives one soul a good
    jolt of color that just happens with no planning from me at all. That is a beatiful scene and I so appreciate golden days. We have had much rain and I love that this year also. We are many colors as fall has arrived and a frost.
    I so like the Long Island Cheese squash for it's flat, pinkish tan look. They look vintage, do not grow them for eating tho.

    So excited I found a necktie with beautiful big loons and as I pull dead annuals, and do cut backs I am having visions of a long vertical mixed medium quilt.

    So I talk to much and in person I don't. Really.

    Hopeing your not afraid to do a project in all that tidyness of your wonderful organization.


  3. Enjoy your ARTful day...I love those golden days.

    Hope your computer is better soon, its a real pest to us bloggers when they play up isnt it?

    Jacky xox

  4. wow, what a beautiful photo...makes me want to jump right in.

  5. The Goldenrod is beautiful and it definately looks like fall in your garden.

    Hope you get the equipment working so we can see photo's soon.


  6. Oh these are so lovely---I would love to look out my window and see this!

  7. Very pretty. I also had an artful day. Sending get well vibes to your computer.

  8. Oh,Sharon, you are my gold.

  9. What an incredibly gorgeous Fall photo. Like a postcard..than kyou for sharing.

  10. I just love fall, and what a wonderful view this is. This is beautiful Goldenrod.
    It was 49 degree's today and raining...cold!!!! But tomorrow will be sunny and Cold!!!
    Happy Fall, Mary


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