Wednesday, October 07, 2009

New Journal

This is what ART-at-the-desk looks like.

I spent ten minutes this morning at home looking for a piece of cardboard. I gave up and packed an ART-to-go bag and when I got here at the desk, found what I needed.

I am participating in two on-line classes. This is my first time to do that and I must say, I realized that part my my discombobulation of late had to do with these two classes. I was puzzled with myself to say the least. Well anyway, a new journal book is necessary to record my Gut findings and reactions and trials and tribulations. And that is why she calls it a Gut Art Book.

I love making books and journals. But wasn't in the mood for it for some reason. My problem is that I never fill them up. It seems that the process of making or at the least having a book is very necessary to the success of the class. As I was following a class assignment yesterday, I was having these Gut reactions and thinking, "oh I need to remember that, oh I like that, oh oh oh". Ah Ha........I'm suppose to have this dang book to write all this down in.

I had just the perfect book already made. Earlier this year I gathered up a stack of wallpaper border that had been within eyesight for a long long time and I bound it into a book. Never mind what the size of each piece was, I just folded it in half and in it went. And that is about as far as I got with the exception of the one page where I applied a bird napkin. As I said, I never fill them up.

You can see the cover is half of an old file folder and it is made like my junk paper journal. I am going to add the cardboard on top of the file folder for the cover. But first I'm going to paint it.

Expect it,

PS.....I'm not for sure, but you might still be able to get in the class. Check it out with Mystele


  1. i am currently possesed with the journal making part
    not so much the filling it in
    just with backgrounds
    your pages look lovely!
    and are ready for your guts to spill forth...

  2. Oh this could have been me writing all that - having journals and never filling them up, then making one on the spur of the moment - and then something crops up and the journal sits there waiting, and waiting, and when I find it again I can't remember exactly what I was going to put in it. Hope you enjoy your online class; sounds much easier than having to drive for miles.

  3. Hmmm, how many times do I come to this blog and hear my own thoughts being written by someone else! lol! The first thing I see is your cardboard with the "rib" showing and some glued on paper pieces and wow, isn't that familiar. I just painted over mine and added some tissue paper. I am feeling a discombobulated too! It may be a depression thing I am going through with the change in weather. But I keep plugging along hoping to get over it! So I ask are we connected or what?

  4. Hi Sharon! I am taking Mystele's class too and I am finding that I am obsessed with it! Isn't she just a doll?? I just finished my book covers today, got my first field trip started. I had fun plopping on the paint in total!!! I am hoping that this class will help me get myself to loosen up and find ME!!!

  5. Hi Sharon:

    You always say just what I am thinking or what just lies under the surface and hasen't been put into an actual thought. Yes, Yes Sharon knows I think.

    I have not done a journal as I know I won't finish it, but it is a thing I should do on days when not rally inspired, it would be a good discipline.

    However I must do these quilts as I w ant at least 10 for the show and my speaking. I have to do them while I feel inspired. Sewing on one and arranging on another works good, also things on the floor work well as I can see what might work well. I love the painting part also on the quilt as I can do both things and feel satisfied.

    Hopeing to see how your journal is going. Sort of excited to read this as I have some old vintage scrap books waiting one with black paper and one with old yellowed

    I should not of come here today.

  6. sharon, you've got me rolling again! you know, i am just like this about journals. i NEVER fill them up. i just went through a container yesterday of scrapbooks and journals. NONE of the journals were completely used. not a one. but, i like having them! i'm actually having a hard time using mine for the class- some teacher i am. so, no biggie about whether you actually make the thing, but you didn't hear that from me!

  7. Sharon,

    I knew Zorana was taking the class but I didn't know you were too. Its been really fantastic so far. The field trips have been just amazing. What other class are you in?



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