Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Do This

Remember this tool?

Did you make one?

Wanna play?

Do this:

Put out six, seven or eight puddles of paint.

I did.

Allow yourself about 15 minutes.

I did.

(cause I had to be at the office because I had to report for jury duty because I went yesterday and it was today instead)

Because I had to do it. Could not Not do it.

Driven to do it.

Now, just pick some up with your new tool. I used the darkest value but not the red.

Spread it around in an oval.

Then pick up other colors and fill in.

I add the eyes first.

Remember they should be in the center of the oval.

They don't have to match.

Give her a nose and mouth.

Go not longer that 15 minutes.

I didn't.

I had to leave her like this all wet and with lots of paint texture.

When I get home, I will finish the page.

Mine already had a background but yours doesn't have to.

I have to go back to court now.

So Do this.

Expect fun,



  1. oooo fabulous!! can't wait to try this....my timer is waiting!!

  2. If course you have stirred my paint nerve seeing the paint on the palette, seeing the smears of color and your person. So much fun to see these things and think about going to the art room for a fun time. I want some long narrow sort of off faces for a couple quilts and the reason I already have so much on them that I want to stay they have to be long and narrow. So I will go see about my foam things and take them apart.

    You must of talked to so many people at the quilt show, and some of them knew you and had read about yout. What a fun time, and it is a bit exhausting talking demonstrating, I have done it on a much smaller scale of just local.

    Stimulating to see your quilt, and I don't really need further stimulation as I am going down to the sewing room all the time to do this sort of work. I sure do love that I can paint and quilt all on the same project. Your borderis just right to go along with the other parts of colorful sections on your quilt. You know something, it is hard sometimes to leave the old thoughts of patch quilting and go this different route I slip sometimes as I am hunting for the right thing.

    I found an art quilt I did maybe nine years ago when I saw the first quilting arts magazine. It seemed awful to me then and it still seemed awful now, so I am cutting off doing some painting, and making a new look. It didn'thave enough stuff on it and it seemed disconnected. (are you thinking yes I bet it didn't have enough stuff?) Well never let it be said that anything I do you can see it all with one look. This is all said with a smile and a twinkle.

    I am going on a bit too much, can't help it, haven't talked to anyone doing art in a while.

    Going to make chocolate Zucchini cake. Wish you were here for some with coffee. Emelie This is not a comment it is a chapter.

  3. Absolutely wonderful! I made the tool and found some more sponge brushes I rarely use and am using them. Since they wear out fast I know I will have several new tools to play with. I love this post. I wish it was a video but it will have to do..lol! I love the outcome of your 15 minutes of some paint and a tool or two!

  4. Sharon, you always amaze me...I just love you. I see others making your tree spirits..it's still on my list of things to do.
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    always a reader, hardly a commenter
    xox, Lisa

  5. coolness...can't find my timer. argh.

  6. Ohhh, this is awesome! I missed the post about that tool...gotta go back and look for it.

  7. You are amazing! I want to do this! Do I add in another 1/2 hour to get ready and another 1/2 to clean up? :)

    I love the texture.

  8. Love it! I'll have to give it a go. Can't wait.

  9. I played along! Fifteen minutes - not a minute longer! It brightened my day, as you "forced" me to find time for art. FUN!!!!

  10. Sharon, do you know, each time I read your posts my heart rate goes up with excitement and wonder? LOL!

    I did make the new tool and then kicked myself for having just tossed several foam brushes into the trash. But I have more! Now to just go in and have the nerve to just play like you've shown....but I want mine to be just like yours (within reason) the very first time, of course.

    You are such inspiration!

  11. awesome!...but wait
    i need 15 minutes...so....

  12. Norah, thank you for inspiring me for many, many months. I am finally doing instead of just observing. Here is my take on your challenge:



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