Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Must


"While on a field trip [video style] last week, I could not help but sketch the tour director. I never meant to do more than a sketch. I was inspired to sketch Mystele because of the way her head scarf looked.

When I turned to this page and saw the irregular corner, It made me think of the scarf. While adding paper layers for the background, I found a scrap that said, "I must". I glued it to a corner and kept mulling over these words. "I must" sure sounded like a message from my gut. So, I made a photo copy of the sketch and did a gel transfer, taking advantage of the special corner. While painting this I was thinking about how Mystele made a book with this long format and how it represents her. She is giving us her "words" and so I resisted a closed mouth even though I have never painted someone talking. She is much prettier than I have represented but It was a very quick sketch. More than one field trip made me think about how much I enjoy hands. And so I included her hand from my mind's eye.

The landing of the butterfly was a serendipitous happening and represents me.

The skin tones were achieved mostly with Caran d'ache watercolor crayons.

While looking for my Words, I found I must."

Having a wonderful day! My heart sings when I get to paint.
Expect songs,


  1. This is beautiful Sharon! I think it's a favorite of all the work you've been producing lately.

    It drew me in before I even read the blog post. Now that I read the post I wonder if it's because you were thinking of someone while you did it.

  2. Sharon...this is another wonderful painting. I just love your style! I wish I could paint as loose and free as you do. I loved the sketch of Mystele you originally did, and this is just awesome. She would love to see it I'm sure. I hope you have posted it in our class photos. She would be thrilled! Lovin' her class.
    I am still having troubles loosing up. I've always done such tight and constrained artwork, that being free with my designs is really, really hard. I'm having fun and this has been so good for me! Have a loverly weekend!!!

  3. This is wonderful and what a tribute to Mystele and her words! Sharon you constantly outdo yourself. (is is outdo or outdue, or out do?)

  4. Sharon this blows me away!! It is so fantastic!!! Everything about it makes me smile! I must tell you, your work is one of my favs!!

    What kind of white pen do you use, it shows us beautifully!

  5. I just found Mystele (don't you just lover her name!) last week, and when spending a lazy Saturday taking my own video tour - here you are, sketching her up and being vulnerable in showing us your words...beautiful job!

  6. I am in awe... You paint the hands so skillfully that I am constantly amazed. Soooo gooood!

  7. She's incredible! Mystele will be so proud.

  8. Hi Sharon as Saturday even ing is drawing to an end. I wish not.

    If I had a gut journal I would of written some days ago that I have this feeling that Sharon will be painting Mystele soon. But it was not written, just in my head.

    This painting really so good the hand just makes it more special as it is also so good. A beautiful lady for sure and I enjoy reading all the words about her.

    I have some photos out of my inlaw's home, it was hunter green and had a white door, outside is a red broom hanging on the house and two vintage cream cans with flowers. it will mean a lot of scanning, cropping enlarging, and varous other things one can do with photos, plus some finches.
    and I have to make this artful and not elementary. I can use the doily design that was always on the kitchen table also.

    Been quilting my faces that I did with the deconstructed sponge brush. They are not large.

    Such beautiful Saturday painting you did, you know just how things are your mind remembers and it is a natural response to your hand to get it just right. I must work much harder. Your so admired.

    Hope the boys are imroving still think about them.

    Bed soon, Emelie

  9. on a just whip out your markers and paint!
    i am impressed!!!
    i would not be so organized or be able to just just go with that kind of flow...
    i would take pictures and plan to sketch later...(but never get to it)
    and i get way to distracted
    like into the tour...
    she is just lovely
    and i really like that scarf with the details...

  10. Fantastic piece Sharon. So beautiful and so honest. I can tell your heart was singing whilst you were painting this beautiful piece.

    Jacky xox

  11. Your work is so fluid and playful and your portrait are wonderful and rich.
    I am glad I found your blog, it's an inspiration.

  12. This is so beautiful and full of color! What paints did you use? I always enjoy your paintings.

  13. love your blog and your art. thanks so much for sharing yourself and what you are learning!

  14. I loved the drawing of Mystele (great name!) combined with your writings on the page. Lovely rich colours. Es.

  15. Beautiful - I love her scarf and the echoing white of your writing. And your close up of her hand is gorgeous on it's own!

  16. Oh I love this - and for the last five days I have been saying to myself (whilst on holiday) "I MUST crack this art-journaling thing". What fun to be doing this together in class - and thankyou SO MUCH for following my 'wild somerset child' blog. P.S. whilst away, I found the most amazing source of some stunning paper napkins; pity the shop is over two and a half hours' drive away!

  17. must say say that I'm really enjoying the direction that you are taking with your sketches of people. They are very painterly and expressive. Beautiful and intriguing.
    I haven't tried the gel transfers yet. did you use an ink jet printer on paper for the transfer?

  18. This lovely; so many jewel-like colours, so much texture. And all that writing ... oh my.

  19. I am trying to find words...What you have done is pure to me. It is someone you know and that is special. She is special.
    Happy Fall, Mary
    I just love her!!!

  20. this is such a lovely piece. you have captured her essence!

  21. Sharon~
    This is a beautiful piece of art and I love this story. You never cease to amaze me =)

  22. OH MY !! I didn't realize you were taking her class...Oh how I wish I hadn't missed it! This painting is fabulous. I just love how each person's gut art is so different even tho it is the same process. THank you so much for your encouraging comments. You are such a phenomenal artist..I love all your creations.

  23. your work is beautiful...very sensitive and moving pieces. Each piece of work that I look at invites me to see more. I appreciate your words in relation to your process. Thank you. Stephanie


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