Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day One

This is an "add image" experiment.

First image is url copied and pasted from Flicker and it is the Medium image 500 x 312.

Second image is from my PC and is the same image that was loaded to Flicker. Blogger resized it.

Third image is url from Flicker. It is the Large image 1024 x 638. The "original" image in Flicker is 2922 x 1820. In other words, I did not resize the scanned image before loading to Flicker nor did I resize it before loading to blogger (second image).
If you click on the last image, it will open in another window and you can see the whole image.
My blog template is a Minima Stretch which will make a difference in how large the photos can appear.

Someone ask and I don't think I gave an adequate answer or explanation.
Oh yes, most times I do resize before loading to blog or Flicker.
Expect relaxation,
Sharon on each of them to see what happens. Interesting. Ok, maybe ya'll already knew all this.


  1. Good info, Sharon!! Thanks!!! Love the image too!

  2. i like the image too...

    i don't resize images to place up like on the blog...
    i was told that it is automatically sized
    and for that image to plop up larger to see didn't

    at first i did size them 300x400
    but they don't enlarge and then was told what i already wrote...

    image sizing is a science of its own it appears

    i do...size down to send in emails
    interesting experiment you have going on there sharon

    how are the boys today?

  3. I really like the image too! I don't know anything about resizing. It's all a mystery to me.

  4. Interesting-and lovely picture. I have tried these different ways-I have a try it out blog to do these things! You can alter the width of your blog template if you want photos bigger-I can't remember how offhand but it was not difficult. However you haev to have uploaded them to flickr first or they still came out the same way. I have now realised that if you move pictures around on blogger once you have uploaded them then they won't enlarge when you click on them. That annoyed me for ages!

  5. Hi Sharon, Been thinking about the bous also and how much you have had on your mind. Wishing these boys good health in the days and weeks to come.

    Resizing gets me also I have some numbers written down, it is so they aren't too large at a site I visit with other women who garden.
    I also usually test them in an unsent email to see how the size looks. Frustrating tome that what I see on the saved image is not what gets sent.

    I don't do abstract very well, I like it and appreciate it, and I am working on it with my quilts but I don't quite reach it I am a few steps off. I love spashes and suggstions, and even just a partial
    image, and it doesn feel like fear that stops me it feels like lack of skill. I can do unreal but that is different than abstract.

    I am enjoying your work, you know how to make the step and it looks confident, that is another thing I lack probably for abstraction is the confidence of what other people see.

    We are near a winter storm watch for tomorrow and Monday. Emelie

  6. I like your image in all its sizes. I'm lucky to be able to download a photo from my camera and send it anyhwere and hope for the best.


  7. Love your beautiful blog,Sharon! This piece is gorgeous, truly. How about a tutorial on the process? Pretty Please...

  8. YOu keep me thinking, I used the word skill yesterday and I don't really mean skill it is something else that need to be free from the brain to the hand that I can't really set free. I understand your process well as most of the time a picture tells me just how something is done. Knowing how to dive in is also important I think it is just diving a little deeper within one's self and knowing I will come up in a satisfactory way.

    Thinking of you and your family many times a day.

    Emelie up north with sun.

  9. Hey you - I love, no, LOVE this! :) Every single time I visit I am inspired. You rock!

    Just wanted to offer up this FYI to you: Have you ever seen/checked out Terrifically great napkins. Found it via Suze Weinberg. I thought you might find something there to inspire you. :) (Not that you need any, based on your latest awesomeness!)

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon - and that Ryan's struggles soon resolve permanently. Poor guy! xx Katherine

  10. ooo sharon, your work has taken on such an amazing new feel!! woowwwweee! beautiful!


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