Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Morning Art

Below is the background page that I started with this morning. As I paged through my Gut Art Journal, I saw a chin line, big hair, and eye socket. I think you can see it; however, I did not sketch around it. You might recognize the bird as a napkin. Yes it is. The paint that is scraped here and there including the hair was where I cleaned my new tool while working on other pages. I really like this page and enjoyed a few minutes of morning art doing it.
Expect your wishes,


  1. that is awesome! i love it! you are amazing...

  2. Good afternoon Sharon:

    Your faces have such great character, they speak ofpeople that have lived and have experience with life and what it offers. I like that look that is people,it takes practice and good knowledge to know about a deep eye socket, seems like we all know that but when a tool is in hand we sort of forget it can be that way.
    I really have appreciation of how the paint is applied to this painting, not smooshed too much but the loveliness of the color stands out in a beautiful way.

    I did two paintings with the new tool, it does a lot of things even a line if you want. I hd some trouble with the nose, not high definition at all, but that is the magic of a painting one does not have to have detail all the time.
    It is me who is always saying I don't want to see everything at first glance I want to have to look and look. It took me 45 minutes to do two, but I did cat chores during that time also and chores like that take time. :>)

    So much fun to do those paintings and quite a gratification really in doing that. Remeinded me of the woman who came here to paint one time and stated that she always carries a scoop shovel in case someone wants to teach her to tat.

    Must learn to not be afraid and be bold. Emelie

  3. this is indeed an inspiring piece
    i enjoy watching progress and how a preception evolves
    thank you!

  4. you do these paintings so fast is beyond me! They all turn out so wonderful.
    I think, too, as Emelie, that knowing how to do the eye sockets (and yes, the nose and for sure that mouth)is a prime thing to master. Me thinks we need more tutorials from you!!

  5. Your images are appearing fast and furious. I've been blog hopping and love seeing what everyone has done with what they learned from the class.


  6. I love watching how your art evolves. I am going to give this a try. Ah! jury duty, everyone complains about it but I loved doing it.Are you liking it?

  7. Always lovely. If I were to do what you do with such talent, it would be trash. Whatever the it is, you got it. Hugs, Mary

  8. Gorgeous! I love how you pulled that face out of the background.

  9. Well I have to say I don't know how I got two comments in there as the first one I lost the page it expired. Sorry for that.

    What I didn't say was how pretty you look in the photo from the quilt show.

    I did another face last night and she has more character, what I do love is the eyes can be rather messy but still have a lot of spark. I am going to use one of the faces in a small quilt just to have around the house for me to study. I have to be more careless with hair also, that helps the character of lot. The tool can add great highlights. A great teacher of being more loose.

    I have done faces with the paint
    program on the computer, talk about getting tight. Fun tho and that was a long time ago, I know more now thanks to you.

    Too chatty this morning, Emelie

  10. I love the new freedom in your work:D That abstract quality is so appealing to me:D hugs, Linda

  11. As always you come up with amazing art.
    I have been catching up and saw your drawing of the lady with the head should do more pencil drawings...that one is great :)
    Love the tool in the post below.


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