Monday, October 12, 2009

A Group of Strangers

Above is finished. As you can see, I did very little painting after finding this group of strangers in the below shot.

Update on grandsons:
Tim is good and will be going back to school. He has missed several weeks and so that will be a challenge.
Ryan has busted out of ICU after 7 days and is in what they call a "step down unit" where there is less monitoring but more than a regular room. The epidural is out but he is still on pain meds and expects to ween down soon.
We did get to visit yesterday and I can tell you that he certainly is a little more feisty, looks better, and say he feels better.
We all appreciate so much your caring concern, prayers and thoughts. His Mom says, "keep them coming as they're working."
From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
Expecting wellness,


  1. It is easy for us to support by praying, sending good wishes ... much harder for you to watch and wait. Hugs to you and yours.

  2. I'm glad to hear they are doing better. There is nothing like the power of prayer! Love the newest piece with it's colors.

  3. It's a relief when you can see for yourself how they are looking, and actually talk to them. I am so glad. Will keep thinking of you all; it's tough when there are difficulties on the background. Love to you all. Ann from UK

  4. Hi Sharon:

    So good to hear about the boys, yes it will be a challenge for Tim after missing so much, I do remember that and still being so tired from being sick all that work in front of me to do. Progress for Ryan, so good and so glad you could see improvement.

    I really like these pieces of art work, I get such a feeling of travelers across a vast landscape in bright sun. Sort of the feeling and seeing or not seeing on a bright day when I squint. My husband and I play a game sometimes of seeing people where there aren't any by just staring across the land at trees and nature. Today the white lines of your work are included in the squint as snow covers branches that have many colors.

    I don't know what this work means to you, I hope that you like it as much as I do. stimulation for more art work I hope. Not because I want to see it but because it feels good for the artist you.

    I have been thinking about an art quilt with florals that I can creat out of one piece of fabric as I saw an ad for such a book.
    it seems like it could be exciting and some work.

    Snow on the pumpkin, Emelie

  5. Love your Gut art and all your other art too. I'm in Mystelles class too,just havent posted anything,My faces are alittle distorted.Your grandsons are in my prayers too!

  6. Sharon, Still have your wonderful grandsons in my thoughts and prayers...and will. Hope you are feeling better too! take care, pat

  7. Oh Sharon, progress is such good news! I can't imagine watching the children having to go thru this. Well wishes to you and yours.

  8. Sharon both boys have been in my prayers non-stop.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. Very good news about your grandsons. Love the new work, very cool!

  10. sending prayers and all good thoughts for the boys, i'm so out of the loop i had no idea. a big hug sharon!

    and i like your strangers - its great to get unexpected guests.

  11. This is good news about the little birds......I know you must feel relieved. Hugs all around.

    Now, for the newest art piece...something a tad different and very, very cool. you are always full of surprises!!!

    xox Rella

  12. What a tough time for your family! My thoughts are with you. I found the finished piece elicited one word from me- moody. I felt drawn to the green that pulsated through it and realized that if I had to put a color to one of my moods it would be that one.

  13. Great news about the boys! I know how hard it is for you are in my prayers also.
    I'm loving the colorful gut art!

  14. I'm so glad to hear the good news. The boys have both been in my prayers. Your art radiates such serenity and hope, Sharon. I wish I could simply fall into this joyful painting!

  15. Wow Sharon! A Group of Strangers is so wonderful to view. I keep wanting to take another look.....and just when I think I am satisfied......I want to look a bit more. Thank you for sharing your art. You inspire me.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  16. I think you found angels in your group art piece...So glad your lovely grandsons are okay...
    I love your new found art implement...I had to try it, as I have had some of those foam brushes around for so long, and I didn't like using them as they were...
    Thank you for being you and sharing yourself with others...always a fun and absorbing time for me to sit and read your blog, while I drink hot tea and listen to the birds outside...xx....Julia


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