Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creatures of the night

I dared to look for creatures in the below background.

I just knew they were lurking there.

On a day like to day, why not.

Just for fun.

don't miss this one.
After spotting them I just used Paynes Gray liquid acrylic to add the night around them.
Makes them pop.
Expect pop,


  1. OH YES! I see them! SPoOkY ! Is this not the most FUN! I just painted 3 new ones today...have not posted them yet though.

  2. I stopped by to think of you on this Halloween Day, what a nice
    spook I got. I better go try.

    I was going to the garden for spinach and lettuce. I saw a black cat and then I looked again and it was gone.

    H. H. To you Sharon

  3. Gorgeous - and I too find Payne's Grey liquid (fluid) acrylic perfect for shadows.

  4. Sharon, this is absoulutely fabulous!

  5. Very spooky! (and fun) Happy Halloween!

  6. I love your found creatures!

  7. Love your creatures!!! Isn't this just the most fun class?? I have about five different pages in more done! I have pages drying here, drying there...and prepping for "found" art!! Your artwork is just FAB!!

  8. what fun!!! thank you!

  9. Hey you, silly, are not a FAKE guru!!! You totally helped me and saw that the header space was corrupted....that problem is still there. What did come about after all that crazy stuff was that it made me recreate the blog that had been on my mind for ages and I lollygagged around with.

    anyhow, loving your creative process as always. I never know what I will find when I visit you and Norah...

    xox Rella

  10. Good morning Sharon:

    That was super fun, honestly who would of thought I would find the best witch and other things. I have to do it again. YOu mae the day a lot of fun.


  11. These are soooo much fun! Love the way you have hidden but found the scary goblins. Wonderful.

  12. Oh, that looked like too much fun!

  13. Spooky, pretty creatures! I love the pink in this mysterious background. Would you believe that I've never used Payne's gray? I'm very intrigued by the idea of searching for creatures in a background. I must give it a try!


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