Thursday, October 08, 2009

Fun Covers

Front Cover of Gut Art Book
I really really did not want to see a profile. If you have followed Mystele's art recently you will know that I was "pulling" this face from the background.

But there it was, I kept looking last night but could see nothing but this profile.
So I sketched her and put her to bed. Then this morning, she came to life.
After she was finished, I reflected on her whimsy and yes, she is a wide eyed, pink haired old lady whose had a nose job, running. She is running as fast as she can to get there.
Back Cover

I only painted what I saw. I think..........
she is looking back and has removed her mask.
What a journey this will be.
Thank you Mystele for making me do this your way.
Expecting passion,


  1. wonderful!!!!
    so you paint on the colors freely i suppose
    then pull an image from what is placed onto the page...
    i remember a class like this

  2. oh my goodness, oh my goodness!!! (eyes glazed over.) i am so glad you went with what you saw. WOW. sharon...girrrrl...

  3. Oh, you are playing it so well! Love them both! Isn't it fun "pulling" the art out? I'm enjoying it too.

  4. wow! these are fabulous sharon!!! i'm taking mystele's class to and i loooooooove it (and her)!!! can't wait to see what comes from you on your first field trip!!!

    blessings & hugs,

  5. Wonderful.... what a *wild*, purple haired woman she is. Looking forward to more and not knowing what to "expect".

    Jacky xox

  6. Sharon this is soooo wonderful. I just love your style!! The paintings looks like you had a lot of fun making them. Love the colors, the texture and the free flowing background. Wow...I am impressed!!!!

  7. Fantastic covers.... and so bold in your colors.


  8. Well, now I'm so fascinated by this, I'm going to have to look into Mystele's class, I so admire your motivation to push forward, to grow, to learn something new (even though your own personal style is perfect)This painting is so compelling, Sharon, and reading of her epiphany is equally so!

  9. This is quite amazing...I want to reach out and touch it...the textures and colors are out of this world!

  10. really neat! I knew I shoul've forked it out for her class... I love them both!

  11. I love what you are doing here!Love the bright are ahmaazing!

  12. Ooooh I just saw these. Missed them somehow. They are great! Love the vibrant colors as well as the ladies.

    You can only pull out what IS there.

    I didn't know there was a class on this, I would have signed up. Funny thing is, the last 2 art journal pages I just finished in the online class I'm taking, I pulled ladies out of the paint too. But that wasn't part of the assignment, I just felt I had to.

    When they're in there and want out, we need to help them out, I suppose!


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