Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"In Darkness"
.....I said, "...in my minds eye I can see a painting with a glowing sliver of a profile of a pretty girl surrounded with darkness. "

I don't know how I thought I would be able to come back to work today and have time to draw a name for the winner of my Paper Doll Party door prize and write a post with links to all of you that played and made paper dolls.
So, until I manage to do that.....later this week, I'm leaving it...in the air...still open...not done...
That means you can still have a chance to win. Just tell me you partied even if you were late.
And when I have "enough" time to do it proper, we will have a winner for Retro Pinkie.

More later,


  1. She is wonderful...I will be looking at napkins as art medium from now on.
    I look forward to hearing about the drawing...the wait is worth it, when such beauty is being created.

    Here is a track back url to my little "Princess Penelope Pig Tails"
    I will probably have another post up by the end of the week...I have had a wonderful time.

  2. O.K.........so WHEN did you have time for this one?? Holy Moly, you had an amazingly, beautiful, productive weekend. Gorgeous

    xo Rella
    (confession: not done with paperdoll...she just sits there and isn't telling me anything. sigh

  3. ack! I have totally missed your doll-party fun! I will be back to read this all properly after little bit is sleeping!

  4. It's lovely. Still trying to figure out the Paper Napkin thang. Anyhoo, I have an award waiting for you at my blog, so stop on by! Happy Wednesday N!

  5. Darkness is hauntingly beautiful!

    Years ago about the only "art/craft" show on TV was by Aleene(the glue people) It aired on Saturday mornings and they did a lot of crafty things. One of the things they did was use paper napkins to "decoupage" with.(they even had a special glue they put out at one time) BUT the way YOU use them is ART and it has really inspired me!
    I made a paper doll finally(I did her too quickly though), now you have ignited a flame! She's on my art blog, Imagination Cafe.

  6. Oh Sharon.....another beauty!!!!! You are always working....you put me to shame:D

  7. Hi Sharon - thought I would check in to see if Retro Pinkie has found a new home...no news yet...can't wait! Love "Darkness"....wow, you are so talented. Your work speaks volumes to me! Where do you find such gorgeous napkins?

  8. Love the Darkness....How do you overlay over? Is it just paint? Love the look of it!
    Here is my link for you to use-so much fun!


  9. This is so beautiful Sharon! Who'd have thought that napkins could be so beautiful!

  10. No one uses paper napkins like you... How do you manage to get just enough transparency to blend them in the painting and yet leave the image just 'so'? The lady is mysterious and perfect.

  11. Sharon - she is really beautiful!

    xox - eb.


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