Sunday, January 06, 2008

Night Letter

"Night Letter"

Here she is. I'm going to just say it.
I'm thrilled with her.
Sorry about the glare, I'm not patient enough to wait until tomorrow to take a picture.
I didn't take any more pictures between the last one in the last post and this finished one.
Well anyway, you can see where I started and where I finished and all the rawness in between.
Can I also say, I love using napkins.
I have enjoyed hearing from all of you who stopped by to watch and hear and listen and see.
Your comments mean the world to me.
We are adjourned.
Thank you,


  1. What a beautiful piece! You are so very talented!

  2. Holy cow! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!!! How big is it? I am truly in awe....

  3. Just adorable Sharon, love the napkins and those fabulous stripped socks. I received your beautiful card this morning, thank you so much, it's now hanging in my studio. I get so many wonderful comments on your painting from our swap.
    Happy arting

  4. Wow! This is a brillant piece! Thank you so much for sharing how the magic happens.

  5. O M G .........Can I just say
    HOLY MOLY!!! I don't know where to start. I see where the face went...then the whole body and legs (that I have ordered for my next life) with my fav black and white stripes......and killer shoes....and gorgeous use of napkins...gorgeous use......this is one awesome piece my girl......No wonder Norah was jabbing your head so hard.

    xo Rella

    gosh, that seemed kindergarten WV tonight

  6. You are having way too much fun! She's great!This must mean you are feeling better.I loved seeing your process.

  7. Wow, I'm stunned. That is beautiful work. I just found your blog tonight and wanted to stop by and say hello...I'm glad I did.
    Have a happy new year.

  8. I missed the SBS as my kids hogged the pc yesterday. What a breakfast treat instead!She is wonderful. I just love seeing the progression.

  9. So amazing to watch the progress of your work. What a beautiful creation!

  10. Sharon that is absolutely beautiful. The colors are amazing.

  11. WOW! Beautiful*Beautiful*Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing the progress with us all!
    Have a wonderful week.

  12. You are absolutely entitled to be thrilled with her. She's thrilling to look at. Once again thanks for letting us in on the process.

    Darla in Awe

  13. Sharon,

    I love this piece and it was great seeing it in progress. Am I correct that it is the dress that is a napkin? Are the poppies painted, a transfer or a napkin? and the butterfly did you paint that or is it a transfer? Sorry for all the questions but I am curious how things are done.


  14. This portrait is fantastic! I love the poppies too. Too bad we have laser printers at home now...
    What's the reference to napkins?

  15. I would love to hear "how" you do the napkin thing. I remember reading about it once before, but I don't remember the how to. SO if you would like to share just drop me an email when you have a minute. Thanks so much. Love the striped socks!

  16. you have been very busy while i have been off the computer...wonderful sharing and this piece is are going places...glad i knew you when...blessings, rebecca

  17. Thank you for your comment on my blog...this piece is completely inspiring!

  18. I love it! You are my master of layers and textures! *^v^*

  19. Wow, truly amazing! so glad I found Ur blog through Sandy's. Way to inspire! ~Monica

  20. oh my she is stunning!
    breath taking really!
    I love how you took the time to stop and show the steeps, I always find my self lost once a start working :)


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