Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Last week I left you with the expectation of an ART full weekend.
That was my expectation and I thought if I told you, then I would be bound to do it.
It just never happened. You can't tell by looking at my beautifully straight nose, but I simply am not bouncing with energy yet. As you may or may not know, the ART that I do accomplish is with what ever energy is left over from Life. Life seems to be taking it all right now.
I'm still taking the extra hour in the mornings to sit and stare, make the bed, wash a load, do something, do nothing. It's my hour. During yesterday's hour, I got to the bottom of the stacks and piles that were hiding my ART desk. This morning's hour, I labeled these file folders. Because while I'm not making ART, I am managing a huge studio organization project.
Expect to hear more about that tomorrow.


  1. Organizing is good. Take that special hour for yourself, even it you spend it staring into space.

    Hope you get back to 100% soon.


  2. I must say you still make very cute blog pictures tho! :)

    Keep taking that hour for yourself. You need to heal. I'm sorry LIFE is sucking out the rest of your energy. Love on yourself or we'll ALL come over and be nice to you! ;)

  3. Surgery takes a long time to bounce back from. In fact you don't bounce back, you sort of crawl back.
    Take time to heal and be kind to yourself.
    I'll be sending healing prayers your way.


  4. i was just thinking of you last night...so glad you posted today, and take your time to heal. can't wait to read more about your studio.

  5. Bounce?
    Girl, after 30, we cease to bounce...we make it the best way we can. While I can appreciate you flesh wanting to blog and art, the spirit needs to rest and recuperate. Take what you need and those of us that love and support you will handle the rest...EXPECT!

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I'm glad to see your post, I've missed you. Yes, it takes time to "bounce" back. I'm interested to hear more about your studio organization, I have been doing that myself. I'm sending some healing thoughts your way.

  7. Sharon, Get well soon! I love your artwork. Your header grabbed me. lovely.

  8. Everything in it's own time...that's what I say. So, my friend, you just organize, or stare, or do laundry....whatever you feel like doing...til your "magic" returns. Life, yeah, it does sometimes interfere with our plans...just tie another knot and hang on my friend...sending you a huge HUG and good wishes....pat

  9. I have been thinking about you...so glad you are well even if low on energy! Surgery sure can wipe one out of energy! Take is slow your fans will still be here! Take care!

  10. Expectations get me in trouble. Take each day as it comes, and do what you can. Healing is hard to hurry!

  11. Get well AS you are able to get well!

    I think of you whenever I check my blog list & don't see a new one from you...I then wonder how you are.

    My you are amazing...I would run out of steam long before stamping all those words on those folders! My folders end up being scribbled on with what is sorta in them! Have fun organizing....it is so cathartic.

  12. ah
    but you posted sharon meaning you are thinking
    and letting us all know you are recupperating...nice

    i think i spelled that wrong
    oh well

    ya know
    something as simple as a file folder to use to organize magazine pages and clippings
    i need reminding of
    thank you!

  13. You know, we'll be here when you are! Surgery of any kind is the pits and amazing how much it takes out of you. Too bad they can't put that energy in an I. V. and return it while they are making us better!!!

  14. I unerstand this more than you know, I had two knee replacements and had prepared my studio nicely for many paintings while I recovered. I did stare into space a lot, really had little concentration, I was not in pain I was just there but not really. I could function and do stuff, I even drove easily, but my spirit was gone for art for a while. One night I was up in the night and I felt that strange feeling had just left me and I was better. I didn't paint but I did some fanciful quilts and other things.

    Everything was so organized , but I wasn't me for a while.

    I have thought of you a lot lately
    so I see others thinking of you also. Glad to see your blog entry today that is for certain.

    Hot and dry, Emelie

  15. Wow! Sounds good, I can hardly wait.

  16. You are busy getting things organised...still *art* time of a sort.
    Love your labelling !

  17. You will be so happy once you have finished organising your studio

  18. Awww. ..I am so sorry that you had to through all this! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  19. I have been organizing for months! It takes me forever and I have noticed that the older we get the longer it takes us to heal.
    I used the same stamps you have last night on my homework art.
    You know great minds think alike!

  20. Love the folders!! Great idea. I seem to use cigar boxes...but they are NOT labeled which means it takes me a while to go through them all.

    xox Rella


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