Thursday, August 13, 2009

Studio Progress

I'm sharing progress with the photo to the left from the video. That stack in the corner has been cleared.

The green sewing box was my Mother's who passed away in 1991. The second picture shows treasures inside but I'm ready to pass it on and today it is on its way to a new home. I've made other progress as well.
When I was thinking long and hard about this major studio organization makeover and move to create a new sewing studio, I contacted my friend, the Organization Guru. She thought it was a good idea but I told here I was overwhelmed with all the task at hand.

First of all, she told me that "overwhelmed" is not in my vocabulary. OK. Then, she said, "don't be afraid, it's fun". Easy for her to say....she's the Guru.

The thing that was overwhelming me was figuring out how to start, how to know what to move, how to get the new room ready, etc etc.......I took notes of our conversation.

(1.) She gave me permission to make the room a sewing studio instead of a deserted, frozen in time bedroom.
(2.) She told me to clean off the shelves of all of daughter's things and box them up to give to her. (3.) Doing so would make a holding area for the things that will find a new home in the new Sewing Studio. I have done that and have moved things to this "holding area"

Regarding the new organization, she said:
(1.) Start with one thing like the table in the Art studio.
(2.) Remove everything and clean it.
(3.) Do something with each item. A. Put back on the table. B. Throw the item away. C. Return it to it's "keeping" spot. D. Make a new "keeping" spot.

She said, "Establish Order in pursuit of perfection". We laughed about had to be there.

One more thing, I told her that I know how to do this; but that I always get a little done and then get sidetracked and inspired to sit down and paint.

She said:
(1.) You can not multitask with this; you can't stop the organization project to paint a face.
(2.) You can not go from cleaning/organization mode to creative mode.
(3.) You are in preparation for creative mode.

I really liked all of her instruction and advise and thought you might too.


  1. What good advice from your friend. I need to remember it, no I need to write it down because I will not remember it.

    I noticed some sewing patterns in the sewing box, save those and use them in your mixed-media.

    I love things organized - of course my studio is a mess!! Looking forward to watching your progress.

    Love your southern drawl in the video, it took me by surprise - don't know why I see you are from Texas.

    Happy organizing!!

  2. Fabulous advice!
    Sorry to hear about your run in with the small branch. Take care of yourself and I hope you are recovering nicely.
    take care.

  3. Good, no... GREAT tips from your guru! I'll have to try that. I think I first need to get good storage containers.
    Somedays I seriously want to throw it all and just keep the barest of supplies and make myself use them and nothing else.
    THAT won't happen :)

  4. This is wonderful advice. I'm going back to read it again. Not only is my studio a mess, but it has spilled over into my kitchen.

  5. I decided that I had too much furniture in my studio...and because of that I was feeling closed in like they may grow legs and keep coming at me until I was squeezed out. Therefore i took a couple of pieces out and am now in the midst of redistributing things AND will be making rational decisions to purge what is truly not used or necessary. I understand what you mean about it being overwhelming for sure.
    I do appreciate you sharing your organization gurus words of advice as they will be quite helpful in my task as well.
    I wish i had another room just for sewing as I could remove my big cabinet of fabric and drawers of trims and sewing supplies to that location. Unfortunately I don't have another bedroom so i have to make things work to occupy both art and sewing at this point.
    As I said on my blog today....I wish there was a self cleaning studio so we could just flip a switch, walk away and come back to neat and organized spaces.
    Think of me as I'll be thinking of you during the studio redos!

  6. I love the tips, I have been organizing my studio as well, it seems ongoing never ending. But I am going to try those tips....and not get side tracked.

  7. Great ideas! I have a problem with getting sidetracked too. LOL

  8. I'm having bright green hot flashes I'm so envious. I'm one of the Studio-less. I have a corner in one room. A corner! Do you hear me??? I may have to stage a coup and take over some space around here.

    Darla - in CA (I say that 'cause I see another Darla left a comment. She probably HAS a studio tho. Sigh)

  9. Listen to the guru! I'm with her and I know it will improve your always does for me. And, gosh, won't it feel wonderful to have TWO "new" studios? Hope you are feeling lots better...pat

  10. So much good advice and pointers.

  11. Coming from someone who has been purging her own room your friend has some excellent advice!

    My hardest part was the "well, I might use it someday". I finally bit the bullet and purged, purged, purged! Now I have a neat organized studio to play in.

    Also, I can't begin to tell you what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. All the extra stuff holds you back!

    I can't wait to see your progress.

  12. are beginning...

    it never ends though

  13. Keep up the good work. I need to borrow your guru as the reason it's taking me months to get my studio redone is that I get sidetracked and start painting ect.
    I did find that once I made the boxes to organize everything it all came together because everything had a place to be.
    Just do a little each day and it won't be so overwhelming.

  14. Love this advice!I am going to come back and reread this when it is time to clean up for the studio shows this fall. Tell your Guru thanks from me!

  15. There's so much GOOD advice in this post! But why oh why is so hard to follow? And the major questionis: once you have it all cleared and organized again, how in the world do you keep it that way without giving up hours to cleaning instead of art? LOL!

  16. Such good advice, but unfortunately, my place does not allow me to comment.

    I want to see what is in the cupboards.
    ps I clean in 15 minute areas...I do as much as I can, and I keep a box handy for uncertain things and they get RAK'd to someone.

  17. Fantastic advise and very timely. I will be working on my studio in the weeks to sure needs it.

  18. O.K.!!! This is supposed to be cleaning and clearing weekend for me so I am happy to have stopped by here first.....obviously NOT cleaning and clearing yet and it's noon...........and I will take the advice from the guru....and maybe start at 1:00. I am crossing my fingers I do not fall prey to the 'sidetracked easily' problem that typically enters.

    Love the post and the couch art. and I know your sewing room will be delightful.
    xox Rella

  19. Wonderful advice! I just finished my studio updo, inspired by the latest Where Women Create. It is amazing what you unearth when you clean, I mean REALLY clean out your space!

  20. haha! wonderful advice...the problem is to implement it! i've been wanting to organize my studio all summer, but creating keeps getting in the way!
    guess i have to learn to prioritize better!

  21. Hi Aunt Sharon,

    MiMi's box arrived today. Thank you for thinking of us. We will have sew much fun.

    XOXOX Aubrey and Linnea

  22. Wow, good advice from the Guru! I'm writing that down .... however .... where to put it? Was glad to see your mess below on the video.... made me realize I'm normal!! Yay .. my mother was the best at staying neat ... don't know what happened to me, but my husband once said of my mother ...."Watch her, she never walks thru a room without picking up some things to put where they belong!" I walk thru the room and see the stuff laying there ... and say ... later. She was a marvel at keeping it nice.... wish, wish. Love your music area! Now that I must do, as I love my music!! And your "faces" quilt is AWESOME!


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