Monday, October 19, 2009

I Was There

There I was at the Houston Quilt Festival just this past Saturday. Demonstrating one of my techniques with Caran d'ache was fun and brought a lot of interested and curious people to the table.
I enjoyed a little shopping beforehand and could not resist this bundle of silk scraps. It instantly made me think of my "Confusion" quilt and the primary fabric that I'm using. I took a photo in the car before untwisting the bundle. It is said to be 100 yards of silk.

Sunday I was in to mood for art-on-the-couch. So after rinsing and pressing the silk I started stitching a border. I think is will be perfect.
Expect bright colors,


  1. You look so cute Ms. Norah!!! The hair is p e r f e c t! Totally adorable! I would consider rinsing and pressing all that silk hard labor.... so I'm impressed that you even stitched that border. Love the confusion...

  2. Sharon....Well, darn, wish I could have been there to see you. You are certainly looking very cute these days!!! They were lucky to have you there. A question: what vendor had the 100 yards of silk...I'm so envious!!!!! And, yes, I would rinse and iron those strips in complete and total happiness......have FUN. pat

  3. Very cute picture of you! Makes me want to not dye my hair! But I doubt if mine would be that pretty. Love that bundle of silk---yummy!!!

  4. Oh, dang it! I can't believe I missed you! I didn't actually attend the quilt show but I would have dropped in to see you. Next time, you come and stay with me!

  5. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. That bundle of silk is so lucious I'd be tempted to just keep it laying around somewhere so I could admire it.


  6. I knew I should have gone back to the show on Saturday instead of going to my sister's in Henderson. I would have loved to have seen your Open Studio. It is a wonderful thing at MIU - I got picked for 2 classes on Friday. The silk is wonderful - one of the things I missed also. You just can't take it all in.

  7. You have been busy Sharon and you look as if you enjoyed your show. I've been away and you've done so much. I love the silks I use them all the time in my journals. Your new tool looks great I'll have to see if ours have have that in the middle, I might be doing some foam destroying.

  8. Sharon~
    I didn't know you were there! OMG...I would have loved to meet you. I slipped in there quietly on Friday afternoon (after work) to get some jewelry bits, and made it out by 6:30! I had a quick agenda!


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