Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I thought you might want to see who she is looking at. Their story continues.

Many of you have ask about the white pen I have been using in my Gut Art Journal. So here it is. It writes and flows better than any I have tried and I have tried all of them. After it dries, I usually seal it with Golden Matte Medium. Then it is permanent.

Expect hamburgers for supper,


  1. I love your journal pages and your artwork. I always check in but dont often say hello but I am today.
    Love the new pages , always the faces:)

  2. alright! i like'em with mayo and all the fixins. what time shall i arrive?

  3. Oh boy...hamburgers...I like onions in and on mine please!

    Thanks for sharing about the gelly rolls. I have some of those (my daughter gave me) and now I know they are so adaptable and to cover them with the matte medium.

  4. I have that pen and it just wouldn't work well for me but when I sprayed my piece with matte sealer and THEN did my writing, it worked just great!

    I love this piece you're doing, so pretty!

  5. your painting are so beautiful.

  6. I don't know the story yet, but those two faces are wonderfully androgynous
    and now you have injected this woman
    wearing a hat which seems historical,
    can't wait to see the rest of the story.


  7. She is lovely, and certainly the embelishments are also grand and not at al typical. I say that as I can be to typical. I had to look closely and enlarge your work and read your words, since I don't have words for collage. I could write on one that I went on and on to Sharon. My fine point whiteout
    pen worked quite good for the five words I did say on the piece.

    Glad ot hear you had fun, I am sure someone is always keeping an eye on the Johnson sisters. I go to look at them a couple times a day.

    Did a background 16X20 today of newspaper, gold tissue, back tissue, paint. and stencils for my
    five angel collages. The five I have done don't fit properly, not good planning, so I have to do two smaller ones.

    What I learned today when painting a background how nice laying a corner of paper on a sheet and painting over it, then removing it.
    nice designs.

    One sure learns a lot by fooling around. Emelie
    Wishing you lovely creations.

  8. that is the pen i use too and how were the burgers?? gosh, you make me giggle...


  9. Sharon thanks for the pen tip. For some reason it does not work as well for me. poo!!! I am gonna give it another try!

    I must say again that I love your work!!

    Have a great day!!

    Hmm, burgers tonight - sounds like a plan to me!!! :)

  10. Cheese and onions on mine please!

  11. Very beautiful expressive pages- the faces have a lot of depth and individual character. Wonderful art!

  12. Catching up with the last few pages you've done. I really like the one of the two women, lots of emotion there.

    Flip those burgers and get back to painting!


  13. I just bought this pin the other day. i have not used it yet. I was almost afraid to try it because the price was low, but I am so glad I did. Now to find that bag I left it in!!!!! Hugs, Mary
    Love these pages!


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