Sunday, November 29, 2009

Misty Class

I'm playing ART with the ever so generous Misty Mawn in her online "Painting Layers" class. The first week was learning how much fun it is to paint a whole stack of backgrounds and have them all waiting for the next step. Week two was collage which I hope to do more of.

Well my four days are almost over and I can report a great balance of outside and inside fun.

Now, I think I will go and try a nap for fun.
Expect sleep,


  1. Beautiful - I love MM's work and your backgrounds are equally beautiful. I hope to see more of this technique when you have time to post some more.

  2. Those are really beautiful nicely applied colors. The application is so important. By that I mean
    less fussing with the paint and leaving the clean. I have to look again. This is not about time I don't think. It fits the scheme of chosen colors.

    I see clocks everywhere, mostly about sales and time but clocks in the newpapers.

    Once again it was helpful to read your post as instead of layers I have to remember overlap when doing fabric. Working on my quilt.

    Having a difficult time, started a very good book. The Mulligan by
    Nathan Jorgenson, but I need to read also. Friends read and I have had nothing to say about a new book lately. No matter how much time it is never enough and naps count as very important.


  3. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for commenting on my new blog. I found your blog when we started our Gut Art class. You're work is exceptional--I love your ladies, and how you integrate them with your backgrounds. Another good reason why I'm glad that I signed up for Mystele's class :) Diane

  4. oh I love this,the class looks like fun. I tried to find it on her blog but no luck.Can't wait to see more.

  5. Really enjoyed your background. Different.Your collage Lady was too fun! Love how you tweaked her from the second pic to the third.

    Hey...I have that McCoy dish she's wearing for a hat! Funny thing, I was just thinking to myself the other day when I was dusting it, that I ought to use the pic I took of it a while back in a collage!

  6. I took a class with Misty when she came to Australia, her techniques are wonderful. Love what you've done.

  7. Your Misty Mawn page is wonderful. I love the colours and the imagery. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do in the collage week now. I took a class with her when she was out in Australia. Such a lovely and unassuming woman...I so enjoyed her class.

    Jacky xox


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