Monday, November 09, 2009

Dare Book

My friend Zorana sent me her "I Dare You" book. You know that's the one where we have matching books and we swap back and forth and play ART in each one.

Before sending it, she played ART on the above page and then dared me to play ART on the same page. Actually, what she dared me to do was exercise. Notice the words she deliberately left showing on the page.
Oh, it was a wonderful page to play on. Especially when I turned it sideways and saw that nose and eye. Maybe you'll want to go back and look closely and even click on the picture for a much better look. During my morning ART session, I did very little to bring out the story on this page and what a fun way to start the day. Makes me happy.
And by the way, the girls from the previous post have been identified. Turns out Laura knows them, Jessie and Jane Johnson and their story. She told me about them in her comment. And you were all right. It is a compelling page. It's just that I didn't enjoy painting it. But I do now enjoy staring at it and the mystery of it. I know I don't say it enough but I do Thank You all for sharing your comments with me. It means so much.
Expect ART time,


  1. Hi Sharon,
    This is totally cool. I love the pages especially that you saw part of a face. Looks like you and Zorana are having a blast!

  2. what a great "exercise"... i like the whole concept
    i am amazed everyday with the scope i find of artists (including YOU) i admire and frequent sites of
    y'all come up with amazing projects to incorpate play from everyone
    love it!
    your contribution to this exercise is as usual
    just lovely
    you bring out some of the best things from chaos...
    (let me say too that to begin with the page was lovely!)

  3. What a fun idea to share a book back and forth! I love the way it turned out. :-)

  4. I love what you are pulling from these pages! And now to pull something wonderful from someone else's beautiful background, that's even more exciting.

    What is the white you are drawing with? It seems to be working well over all your surfaces.

  5. So much inspiration from these journals. I have some huge FEAR of a journal for some reason. I got one out that I had done a year or so ago. Thre are other peoples art in it and some snips of my own.
    There ae some quilt images that I would like to try the concept and idea. Some writing. At this point it is quite nice and even with the pages. I even got some of those little poleu brads to hold art on a page with so as not to do glue.
    The fear comes from doing art on the page and not attatching the art to the page. How silly can one be?

    I so love the journals yours and this view of todays post. Magnificent abstract designs of color and things. Feelings that
    just reach right into ones soul.
    Smeared paint is such a turn on.
    Finding things in smeared paint is euphoria.

    I have a pioneer woman in smeared paint. I framed her as it was so
    a great surprise to find such definition.

    Working on my painting for the holidays of angels.

    Oh yes I like the white writing,
    I have a couple white pens that do not do as nice. I even have whiteout in a pen. Not as nice.

    wanting to Journal, wanting to paint, wanting to quilt.

  6. aiiii! so cool!

  7. What a wonderful fun thing to do. If I put paint on a page for you, it would in no way bring something like this to mind or even close. you are amazing, I can hardly wait to see what is next.
    I changed all my curtains in the living room and office last year. It was hard, change is a good thing, but ya gotta know what you want or it becomes shopping madness. I love the choice I made, but it was scary. I kept staying to the shopgirl, I can bring these back...right!
    Happy Fall, Mary

  8. Great piece, Sharon! I could see the nose and eye in the first picture. I love finding images within shapes, etc. The dare book looks like a fun idea for two friends to share pieces of one another. :)

  9. Only you could see something in that mess... I wasn't able to see even one little thing. I hope I'll paint something as cool from your background. xo


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