Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Painted with homemade pallet knife (new favorite tool).
Scrapped eyes and shape into wet paint with homemade pallet knife.
Then outlined. No additional paint added.

Just had to show you the spreads and how they integrate.
The hamburgers were great.
Thanks Sonic for bargain burgers.
Expect faces,


  1. Wonderful. I am trying to understand why I never 'see' faces, always landscapes. Must be some hookup somewhere in my past.

  2. Hi Sharon, just found you through Martha Lever and I'm LOVING your faces pages, really beautiful!

  3. You are like a magician with a new wand! Creating bits of sparkly magic in you book of faces!

  4. I really do think the tool does put spark in paintings. Laura mention the spark also. It is the eyes that have that. You so got me loving faces, and the tool. I sent you sample. The other thing that is so nice about those faces with a knife is the colors and still beautiful faces. It is such a good teacher of how things can be and still look so appealing.
    I get these odd ideas mixed with realism and so like to rid myself of them.

    My mother took a class once and did a lot of lanscapes with a knife, the instructor put an emphasis on exagerating color.
    It was passed down information from mother that I will always remember. Well not always, as I said I get caught up in being
    realistic sometimes.

    What could be more exciting than smeared paint. Emelie
    PS. Well torn fabric is pretty exciting also. Your blog is pretty exciting. Thank you again for the faithfulness of energy and time.

  5. WOW,I have to go run and try this right now! WONDERFUL faces!!!!!

  6. I love that face up at the top and those colors you used. One day I will paint too...but too many other things to do right now, but one of these days I will paint! You inspire me with your faces...

  7. Lovely faces as always. The new tool seems to be making a mark, if you know what I mean. Hamburgers - yum!

  8. Loving your faces...especially the one with the palette knife that didnt need any more paint!!!
    Wonderful journal.

    Jacky xox

  9. Coming on and waiting for your newest creation to show itself just makes me giddy with anticipation! And today when I saw your newest 'scratch' lady, well, she took my breath away! She's lovely!
    I played with my new tool a bit but not long enough to 'see' anything yet. LOL!

  10. Beatitiful faces as always, and fun to see the journal spread out like that with it's different paintings and paper sizes etc. Cool indeed!

  11. Love how the book opens and how each page interacts with one another. Beautifully complex!

  12. Love your journal pages, they are unusual and very beautiful! Well Done :-)

  13. I think you could paint with anything. I had heard of people who did this, but now to see what you can do is amazing.
    Always, Mary

  14. What I really like about these is the sense of collage worked into the faces.Coleen


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