Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tender Touch

Painting from your gut is not always serious. Turns out her red wings were the sweetest little red birds looking over her shoulder. She knew all along, I was a little slow to "get it". Makes perfect sense now. I've never seen a red butterfly; however, red birds hang out at my feeders all the time.

Expect a tender touch,


  1. Love those red wings! I would call this one the Wingkeeper. She's you!
    I am also tickled by the striped legs. Great art Sharon.

  2. Oh! and AH! They were really there! How wonderful!

  3. what a whimsical touch!
    and yes perfect


    she sure brings a smile to a person with her sweet expression
    the birds help there too
    happy birds

  4. Such charm, captivated by it all, the look of determination is wonderful. Those birds must of been to Birdmart and got leggings.
    Well a good idea, I always worry about bird legs in cold weather.

    One learns a lot from gut art, especially don't try so hard in the beginning, let it be a bit and look at it. different ways, and for heavens sake I need to quit thinking about what I want and think about what it is. What you did leaving it and then seeing and knowing about the birds is a great
    example for not being in such a hurry. Thank you

    I will say this, and I have changed the subjext, working with photos, and changing them to have some abstraction on the computer and then taking the original and working it all together is hard.
    This is on 18X18 approximate.
    It has made me really work.

    Sometimes is it good to be slow.

  5. Sharon you are just too funny!
    Love the painting.. she looks just like you!
    I can't stop looking at her!
    Come celebrate with me..
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  6. Ooo0000! Love LOVE the birdies,,isn't it great when nt wonderful things show up!!

  7. I simply love your artwork:D:D:D


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