Saturday, November 07, 2009

Pots and Pans

I know you didn't really want to see this. But here it is. The pot and pan chore has been checked off the list.

They were getting out of hand and I have this need for them to be all stacked and nestled together in an orderly fashion.....out of sight.

Never mind the dust that is in sight and covering every surface here. That doesn't bother me a bit.

So I drug them all out and put them back in and checked it off the list.

I might say I have also done that million little things that I didn't chalk down on my door list.

And I haven't picked up a paint brush yet either. I have that wedding to go to at four and then I'm going to watch a movie with my sweet Ashley.
Expect morning glories,


  1. I was sure that your "pots and pans" task is something art related! I'm can't stop laughing now that I saw that you meant REAL pots and pans. Too funny!!! Stop doing chores and start painting..... it's weekend!!!

  2. I missed the pots and pans earlier.

    I use to have a cat that would run out of the kitchen when I opened tht cabinet door, the one with the pots and pans, she knew something would fall out and be loud.

  3. Oh Oh, the dreaded pots & pans cabinets! I was afraid that's what you'd be doing! You sure got them back in line....I have lower cabinets that truly need to be done, when I open a door I step back because I don't know how many are going to slide out. It's a dreaded job; like cleaning out the silverware drawer!
    You done GOOD!


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