Friday, November 27, 2009

Sketchbook Project

I really do enjoy painting on top of a prepared background. I seldom did that in the past. But what I like is just letting the background show through the face. The only thing, it really doesn't take much "time" to paint the face. Well that's good because "no matter what I do time just keeps ticking around me."
Expect a great weekend,


  1. Goodness I love this!! It made me think of the moon. Stunning.

    xo Rella
    eek, I better get started on MY sketchbook.
    The theme .."and suddenly"

  2. Glorious - tomorrow I may have time for art; and your work always inspires me.

  3. Your page is beautiful, I hopeyou like it also. I agree and I don't know if youdo this but a tiny bit of planning and there is less work on a face. I don't even mind some odd colors on a face. It is exciting.

    I also learn this time after time, if tired, it goes away with art if I don't do any the tired stays.

    A little tired, Emelie

  4. Love how the background is showing through the face.Beautiful work as always!

  5. i really like your interpretation of the theme you got
    all the pages are gorgeous!

  6. Oh WOW! I love the colors and the face is wonderful! Great job!

  7. Sharon, I love all these pages in the Time journal! It would be hard to say which is best so far but this newest one is sensational! It would be truly be nice as a design on a real clock.

  8. You amaze me with your talent and variety.
    Thank you for your visit. I am missing my blog friends...the connection at my parents house is erratic as I am relying on a hot zone :0

  9. WOW! Moving! (even without the hands!) Funny thing is- I need to buy a clock but can't commit to one at the stores...too this, too that, doesn't feel right, too commercialized. But Star is right- this would make a gorgeous clock- one I maight be able to commit to!

  10. When do you sleep? I find your magic everytime I come to visit you. A world of the unknown coming to life with your talents, a place we cannot go, but that we can feel.
    Happy every minute, Mary

  11. Your art just keeps getting better and better.

  12. I love your sketchbook so far. I like the way you let the background show through. The colours are so rich and gorgeous it would be a shame not to!
    I have done this project too and have just finished-I am so glad they extended the deadline! I was sent here by Mary(working projects) to have a look at your book-I am glad I did!


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