Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Morning Gut Art

Good Morning,
Keeping in mind that my Gut Art Journal is about "Looking for my Words", or as Mystele would say, "my authentic self", I consciously apply text and bits of paper with letters and words in the first layer of collage. However, I give no attention to where on the page any of it lands nor what any of it says.

I saw the word "afraid" when I first started painting this page but I just didn't get it. There it was just about to slip off the top. My sense of composition had no idea what to do with it. You might remember when I finished the page, I simply had no "Words" and wrote, "none". Then I discovered the red wings were birds and not only birds but birds with a "tender touch". This morning I revisited the page and there was that word and right above it even closer to the edge was "not". I get it. I'm not afraid.

I guess the point is art will continue to speak even when you think you have heard everything.

So, that didn't take very long. After quickly cutting an "afraid" stamp, I still had time for more art.

I decided that I need to concentrate on the element of drawing. So I chose a magazine face to draw and proceeded.

First, notice that word "can" right at the top of the picture. I let that sink in the whole time I was trying to draw this face. When I finished I realized that I would have liked her closer to the top of the page.

So, since this exercise is about drawing, I just moved over and added a second face. Now I have something to go home to this evening to paint.
About ears: Do this. Put your head back as far as you can and look up. Now, put each index finger at the bottom of each you are pointing to the bottom of your ear. Draw an invisible line level and around to the front of your face. Where did the line end up? My invisible line met just below my mouth in the middle of my chin.
Do this. Look down so your chin is almost touching your chest. Now, put each index finger at the bottom of each you are pointing to the bottom of your ear. Draw an invisible line level and around to the front of your face. Where did the line end up? My invisible line met just below my nose.
Wasn't that fun. The point is, the placement of your ears as well as other features will give perspective to your face and help show that it is looking up or down.
Expect art,


  1. i just love the solid purpose behind your explorations. yet, you still have such a freedom about it...and thanks for the ear tip!

  2. I miss you and your blog...soooo...I'm gonna add you to my NEW blog links. You'll just have to pop over to to hear about my new digs!

  3. Sharon, what you are doing...the art you are doing is so amazing! It is inspiring!

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  5. Sharon,
    Thank you soooo much!! Yes, we have talked about your past in porcelain dolls I remember this summer. I don't do them anylonger.. thank God, I love this freedom of what we are all doing.
    There is no end..If you wish to delete this post feel free.. I just needed to tell you thank you, I think it is a different group then what I am used to.
    Hugs, Darlene xo

  6. You did a lot in your morning time,
    funny how words show up that just happened to not get covered, I saw words on a messy background that actually said "look for things"
    It was amusing as it was like yout were speaking to me. I had put in the oval for a face when I saw this. What was left to search and find was small. There were two mutant looking birds, not at all charming. The brush stroke had left some feathered backsides.
    They look sort of crossed between chicken and sparrow. But they are there now anyway.

    As I was cheerfully cleaning wondows, I was thinking of these pages that will go into an old book
    yet to be taken apart. What words will I say, I seem blank on journal words, (Not blog words)

    Art because I like faces, and lots of color, things tht are very busy,
    so one has to look a long time.
    The influence is a woman I met on the internet, Sharon Tomlinson, who is sometimes Nora. I think that should give the paintings a
    sense of stability don't you think?
    I was thinking of years from now when this could end up on a farm auction someplace. Nearly fell of my step stool thinking of it. Felt a little sad also.

    You have given me a lot to do and love. Emelie

  7. That was fun and informative. Thanks.

  8. I had to run and look at my last painting that I put little ear lobes on. They are spot on!
    Thats a nice tip for placement.
    It's funny, I got up early and was tearing words out of my junk mail. The one that really caught my eye was...drivers behaving badly.
    We'll see where that ends up.
    Have a good day!

  9. Sitting here in the early morning hours pointing my fingers at my ear lobes. Hope nobody is watching, they'll think me a mad woman.

    Love, love, love the lady with the red birds.


  10. Just coming by to wish you an artful day.

    Working an angels just want one nice one I could use for a Christmas card, they are coming off as ghosts. Will try again today.

    Lovely and mildly warm here,

  11. I love the tip about ears! I wrote it down in my little sketch book so I won't forget it.


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