Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Hour

Aren't they happy?
That's how I feel today having to come back to real life work.
This was my last prepped background for the Sketchbook Project.
No worry, I did three more this morning.
For some reason I was late for real life work.
Expect Monday,


  1. Too funny! I'm the one on the left :-)
    Happy Monday!

  2. I know in these times we should be grateful for having a job, but I can't help but feel like the girl on the left come Monday mornings :)
    These are beautiful!

  3. Sharon once again, your work is fabulous!!! The color is so rich!!
    Maybe it will ward off some of the Monday blues!!

  4. Oh I wish I could think of some wonderful words but all that comes to mind is WOW! These are yet more beautiful work!

  5. I am enjoying all of this series you're doing about time. Your art is always so rich with color and I love the expressions on your women's faces.

  6. Sooo inspiring - those faces are how I feel every Monday morning at work.LOL

  7. I'm happy to finally have an hour on the computer to catch up with you. I see you are well into the "time" theme. Wonderful colors, not blue Monday at all.

    Darla (in CA)

  8. Retire, I'm telling you, RETIRE already!!

    Sharon, I'm loving your pages in this recent journal. You are a whiz with color. But you knew that.

  9. The one on the right looks happy-the one on the left more pensive-could go either way! Thanks for your visit and lovely comment! I was late for work today too-Mondays!

  10. It was a tough morning for me too! I felt like the girl on the left! Great colors!

  11. In the beginning of the 4 days one feels like so much lovely time.
    How it can vanish, just like that.
    My time still does that I go to paint or quilt and hours are jut gone. Those faces did give me a smile tho. I did see people like that today.

    I like this very much, it says so much. No matter the faces it is a stimulating painting. I can relate. I always think painter, author, if I can relate it feels good.


  12. Amazing, I am not sure how they made me feel, but they did not make me smile. Maybe it is to close to how I feel right much to do, so little time.
    A nap, that might help. Hugs, Mary

  13. I arrived navigating here.. and I am charmed with your work... your art journal is fabulous.
    Big Hugs

  14. This is how I feel going back to work! Love the color Sharon. It's so rich.

  15. Don't you like working? I know it is really hard to work and is very tiring but if you really want what you are doing, you will enjoy it. Have a nice day!!!

  16. they do look a little pensive....heh. I need to get back to to make some Christmas goodies.

  17. Votre travail est remarquable, bravo, j'aime beaucoup.

  18. I love the colors in this one and the expressions on the faces. I would hate to have to choose a favorite from among your spreads. It would be purt near impossible! LOL


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