Thursday, November 12, 2009


I don't know why but I always get one eye out of whack. It seems to be the same eye too high and too big. But I never see it until I have nearly finished the painting. Usually, I leave it.
As I worked on this page this morning, and sketched her off the edge, it became a challenge for me to see if I could balance the page. I like the result and I didn't wish to write over it. It may be time for me to get out a canvas. But I have to tell you that I am enjoying exploring in my Gut Art Journal.
Expect ............


  1. You know I have that same problem! Especially when I am making dolls. One eye is always out of whack! I love your new painting. You are really on a roll! I am glad because I love visiting your blog!

  2. Stimulating - so why did I go into the garden and lay brick edgings to the path, and then write notes on my garden-journal-to be? Why didn't I make art instead? I need to sort this - thanks for your lovely textured piece.

  3. hey I DO have one eye bigger than the other. It is even more apparent when I am tired. so I dig it!
    .... and I am enjoying Mystele's gut art class thru your blog, as I couldn't take the class at this time.. too much on my plate at this time. So thanks for sharing.

  4. texture makes a piece don't ya think!

  5. and what a wonderful, beautiful journal it is becoming!!

  6. Your journal is so beautiful and so varied, I have leanred os much that I should journal it, it would be "artful words". I could call it that. It is a symptom of understanding.

    Our family has eye porblems, and one eye higher. I am not even round necklines don't fit quite right, One sleeve tighter than the other. One pant leg longer. We are blessed with imperfections, and perhaps it gives us character
    or just strangeness.

    I did two faces with scraping off the paint on paper. So fun. of course the eyes are different.
    I was reading in a Quilting Arts magazine the the writer said she never made placemats as she couldn't do two the same. It made me feel normal.

    Mystele needs a big thank you, and so do you. THANK YOU
    I have learned so much. And one big thing I learned is to be satisfied with what I do, that doesn't mean not try to be better it just means be satisfied on this day. Another reason to do a journal, it can be a daily satisfaction that fills that need to create that is there all the time. it makes all other chores more acceptable.


  7. You're too funny..... I don't notice the difference in the eyes; just how much I always want to talk to your ladies. Would you believe that I had a wish to paint on a background like that for a while now, and never got to it. How interesting.... xo

  8. Oh I love that you're portraits have eyes that are "off". It's much more natural looking. I'm the same and I recently read in one of my portrait books, that its quite common and something to do with being right or left handed. I love it! Adds character. Beautiful work, as always

  9. I've never noticed your eyes are out of whack in your paintings. Just always how pretty the women are.

    This is an excellent base to start a painting on. Can't wait to see what comes of it!

  10. Love this! Do you know that in all reality most people have one eye slightly larger! Anyway the background is way cool and I love the journal!

  11. Good morning Sharon:

    I should put some of those word verification words in a journal.
    Years to come peope would look them up in the dictionary.

    I wanted to say I don't sound very consistant sometimes, I souldn like I have a journal then I really don't. I paint on brown paper a lot, and have these pieces that could be made into a journal.
    and they have some words on them about life. Words and numbers from an old hymnal.

    I forgot to say how much I liked the texture in these pages. It has
    the feel of painting over the corners of paper then removing it to cause a pattern.

    I hope your painting at the very moment, Emelie

  12. Great texture. I think the whole journal experience you've shown has been wonderful. I'll bet you've learned some things you don't even realize you've learned. Experiments are like that.


  13. Love all the texture here. I have the eye issue but I tend to notice it right away. It depends how bad it is whether I fix it or not. Glad to see I am not alone in this.


  14. I do the same thing! I blame my glasses (they must be crooked or something)haha, but I guess it's me!

  15. Isn't it funny that I have NEVER noticed this in your art, but I do the same thing. In fact, I have to cheat and use a precut eye pattern to avoid this problem. I love what you've done in your gut-journal, and these pages are no exception, especially the top one with the three butterflies. I love the colors and the off-center composition. Your constant desire to learn and stretch yourself as an artist is so inpiring to me!

  16. You can not tell if one eye is different, I think maybe our own eyes are not perfectly the same???
    Love this, I just keep say this, maybe because it is always true!
    Hugs, Mary

  17. My faces are always lopsided with the eye thing! I am loving all your art.. I haven't posted anythinglately , but I a mstill playing and creating!

  18. i love the subtle blue hues in the first one!:)

    very nice!


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