Friday, November 06, 2009

My Plan

I haven't made much progress and I'm vaguely embarrassed to show this at this point. But maybe you will enjoy wondering just how on earth I will transform this forlorn, scary, pitiful, frightful, sad, mismatched pair into a loving story.

In the meantime, I have a weekend plan which does in fact include this journal page.

And here it is. It might be rather vague because you how I am. If I write it down, then I have to do it. I could have chalked up a million things-to-do but I'm feeling like I might enjoy just being.

The house will be quiet and I vow not to use my day time hours on that "pot and pan" item. I have a plan that I cooked up in the wee hours of this past night as I laid awake.....thinking.
Here it is. Tonight or tomorrow night if I find myself awake........thinking in the middle of the night, I plan to get up and do the pot and pan chore. That's what I'm going to do. I'll show you if I do. It's not ARTfull though.
Expect being,


  1. I look forward to YOUR plan this week end as mine is ruined by a bad back!

    I've been enjoying your gut art pages no end. It's fun to see a different side of you (or your art) emerging as you go through this process!

  2. These women do appar to have suffered hard times, I am not making fun of them at all. I know women who have suffered such and it is not funny. My ghostly angels must of suffred with them.
    It was not an artful day yesterday.
    I am excited to see if these faces
    take on a new life or remain sad
    and torn from life.

    I too have done pot and pan things in the night, it was a huge gift to have 7am come then and know I had all day to do what I wanted.
    I get tired from this sort of thing, up in the night thinking and then trying to function like I had good rest.

    Wishing you what ever you need to
    have a good weekend. Not said lightly. Sometimes all I need is for the art to be pretty, no message, or gut feelings, just pretty.

    Up North with sun, Emelie

  3. Sharon, I have no doubt that something wonderful is going to emerge from this. Can't wait to see how it evolves.
    Enjoy your artful weekend!

  4. Oh Sharon don't be embarrassed this is beautiful! I just love the faces and the colors! I love seeing your work in progress and quite frankly I would be proud to have this one just as it is!

  5. I can't wait to see how these 2 beauties evolve!!

  6. I can hardly wait to see how they turn out, everything you do makes me smile. Hugs, Mary

  7. i don't know what the pot and pan chore can be other than cooking in it or cleaning it
    if not art related
    but the page you have begun is not scarry at all
    and that, i will enjoy seeing become what you think of as 'worthy'
    i have been again cleaning in my studio...

  8. If it has anything to do with pots and pans as in cooking I'm not interested! But I like your women and look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  9. I think these two are beautiful. To me they are looking tentatively out to the world hoping to see something better than they imagine...
    I hope that you have the BEST weekend and can't wait to see what you get done.
    Art on!

  10. I love the character showing in these girls faces. Have a wonderful weekend spending time with them. :)


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