Thursday, December 05, 2013

 Fantasy or daydreams
I woke this morning wondering what is the difference between fantasy and daydreams. Before getting up I decided. For today, daydreams are thoughts and wishes that one could possibly make happen. Come true.

And a Fantasy is a place in your heart, mind and soul where you can go and escape stuff or just hold onto for pleasure. 

While in San Miguel, I had a conversation with Judy Wise about her Artist In Residence excursion that she took last year in Spain. Can Serrat is located in a rustic farmhouse outside of Barcelona and Judy wrote several blog post about it but I wanted more one-on-one with Judy.

In short, she made it sound like an amazing adventure. She made it sound very doable as if I could possibly make it happen. I couldn't stop daydreaming about it.

Even after returning from San Miguel, I kept thinking about making it happen. Which led me to tell my friend about it in an email. I told her how brave, bold, scary, fun, and challenging it sounded. Then I told her if my DH would go with me, I would do it.

She  challenged me about why on that specific trip did I need my DH to go along. I gave her some very good and sound reasons but the best one was that DH and I always wanted to return someday.  We were there at least 35 years ago. How could I go without him now? I couldn't because I knew without a doubt that he is not, would not, never ever go on such a trip with me.

Well, well, well, it became very clear that I had very ingeniously arranged this daydream in my mind in such a way that I could never make it happen.

It wasn't a daydream. It was a fantasy.

To be continued........

Note: This is the eighth installment of  How the infusion of San Miguel may have effected me which started November 19th. 


  1. I have a chair in my studio painted with these words: "Sustain the fantasy".

    So I'm going to sustain yours by assuming you're going on your artist residency at Can Serrat. I'm just assuming over here ...

    hee hee

    1. Thanks Judy.... you just never know.
      Will add that to one of my chairs.


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