Friday, December 06, 2013

♥ solitary
Here is the question
I keep asking myself, what in the world would I want to do at Can Serrat that I can't do here in my own solitary surroundings?  What does an artist in residence do? What does that mean? And whatever it is, why would I need to go so far?

These thoughts and questions made their way into my email exchange with my friend. Unexpectedly, that San Miguel infusion of clarity hit at the very moment that I saw myself write and heard myself say, 

 "I have had notions about escaping to the Garden Palace which was it's purpose from the beginning. I spent many many hours over there escaping."

That was the moment that I knew thinking about Can Serrat and the total lunacy of it, is the fantasy world I live in. Furthermore, I knew that the daydream world I live in was real because I made it so. I made it happen.

I was astounded that while I was thinking of ways I could escape in mind, body and spirit from this everyday life circumstances that all I had to do was look out my window.  I have my very own Artist In Residence solitary place to go. I was excited.

I want to take you on my journey of reclaiming my daydream.

to be continued..........

Note: This is the ninth installment of  How the infusion of San Miguel may have effected me which started November 19th.


  1. Sharon, reading your post made me think of the movie "My Dinner with Andre." Have you seen it?

    1. Jan, I haven't seen the movie....I don't think. Thanks for the link. After reading it I now want to see the movie.

  2. Realize the beauty and peace around you.


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