Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time to see something pretty
back window
I knew before my daydream ever came true that I would be making the windows beautiful and full of color.

However, my goal was to to design and create the stained glass
  without blocking the natural light because my tiny house has no electricity.
And I never wanted it.
I have this dreamy notion of candlelight gatherings .
Can't you just imagine that? 
west wall window in middle room
 When the daydream became mine and after I had one window sash repaired so I would have the exact size, I started my stained glass project here in my studio.

Of course, The Garden Palace would have a garden theme.

The 'L' shaped middle room has a morning glory theme. 
tiny room window
The theme in the tiny room is pansies.
This room is the only single window.
I presume it may have been a dressing room.
And may have even had a chamber pot.

parlor window on front
Roses adorn the parlor.
Of course.
west wall in parlor
 Stupid kitty goes over with me now and seems quiet comfortable.

front door
The parlor has three windows and I don't seem to have a photo of the other front window.
I spent untold hours during every spare moment cutting glass for five double windows, one single window and the last one for above the front door.

All the while, going to the office from 8 to 5 and working in the garage on the window sashes.
some windows installed 
When there was daylight I was at the little house prepping walls for paint, painting and stenciling and building steps and stairs. 

more about walls and building coming 

ps...did no notice the view looking out each window? 


  1. this is such a tease.......I want to see more more more!!! You created amazing windows.......I just knew your talent was endless!!!XOXO

    1. Thank you Lisa, Eventually, you will see it all right up to the moment. There is just a lot and I scanning old pictures to show. These were before I had a digital camera.

  2. WOW! What a project! Keep us posted… I want to see MORE too!!!

  3. You make stained glass windows, too? Oh wow, Sharon, this is so much fun, what a project.

  4. Such an abundance of creativity spilling forth! Beautiful windows, and yes, I noticed the lush green view out each window! Inspiring.

  5. This makes me cry.....it is so beautiful and so you, except I don't know you and windows, but the look is amazing me. Only one thing, don't say stupid kitty..(laughing a little) Kitty is so proud of this, and loves all things new like kitty's do, they love rugs, dresser scarves, wool blankets. (laughing more) through a couple tears.

  6. I've really enjoyed the story of the Garden Palace. I'm so happy for you that you fulfilled your dream :) Sometimes you have to stick your heels in!

  7. Beautiful! I think we would all like to be transported there to drink it in, in person!

  8. You have endless hidden talents. I can't believe you have had this sitting on you property all this time and never told us about it. Such a lot of work, such a big accomplishment.


  9. Windows and views both beautiful!


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