Monday, December 23, 2013


values in charcoal
My truth: I struggle with purpose. 
I don't think this has always been true.
Just true for two or three years. 
After each piece of art that I create, a voice whispers, "what is the purpose?". 
Or sometimes it is, "what's the point?"

During the first week of being an Artist in Residence, I realized  maybe I discovered the "purpose" as in what's the point! I think it is just for the beauty.
Maybe it is just that simple and maybe I don't need any other purpose.
For beauty and as my friend suggested, for happiness. 


  1. oh this is so EXQUISITE Sharon, it emotes too much for my words. I love all your work, but this one is just so very special! and YES the POINT, the PROCESS, we are told over and's just that it gets lost in the shuffle it seems sometimes, but when you find it again...THE MAGIC is there... of just LOVING to do it!!!

  2. Thank you Wanda, you said is to well. There is magic is just loving to do it.

  3. this is too beautiful and suggestive. The purpose is JOY! The pure inner joy you feel through each piece and the joy each of your pieces bring us!!!! And yes... Beauty too!

    Love what you do!


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