Saturday, December 21, 2013


painting a face
Day 1 
The Thrill

The thrill came immediately after the Dawning (remembering the purpose of The Garden Palace) and the Awakening (realizing I had a daydream tiny house waiting for a unique artist in residence experience).

At first, the thrill was just the sense that the job of reclaiming my daydream was no longer too huge. And that, I tell you was an amazing feeling.

Then, as I began to go over there and be in the presence of all the reminders of unfinished projects, the excitement set in. The remembrances did not weight me down.

I began to get that swirling  feeling in my head, heart and stomach when inspiration makes me feel like I might explode.

painting with 4 colors
In the Journal
My Plan
Regarding Art:  Before my first trip over there, I determined that I would take limited art supplies and my Chance Luck and Destiny Journal which I had not touched in years. The original purpose of this journal was to explore painting faces without a sketch. OK, I will do that.

Regarding Reclaiming: I planned to spend time with my journal first and then before leaving for the day, I would accomplish a reclaiming task no matter how small.  


  1. A good plan, Sharon. Love the portrait :)

  2. Love your plan. But I more love your thrill that you woke up with... like a kid... I can feel it tangibly! Eeeck feeling so excited for you!


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