Friday, December 13, 2013

There is something I haven't been real clear about.
I abandoned my daydream.
I didn't finish.
The work isn't done.
I neglected my daydream.

I can't show you the finished inside because as close as I got, I didn't quiet finish before one of those life challenges totally sidetracked me.

During  all of this sharing and reminiscing, I have been trying to remember why my daydream came to a screeching halt. And when.

It has been years. Yes. I knew that. The sad thing is the reason I could not remember is because it has been so long.  That and my total disgust, sadness, grief and shame for letting it go to such decline.

It really is not as bad as my telling sounds. Any old house will need repainting. When I painted it, I remember that I hoped it would last until I was 60. Sure enough, about ten years ago, the paint was peeling. But I had abandoned my daydream.

I saved restoring the floors for last. Also, installing the attic floor was a long range goal. Restoring the parlor floor was the last undertaking before abandonment.

Finishing the floors is not such a big job.
While I was shamefully neglecting my daydream, seasonal (winter) guest moved in upstairs.  You might even call them squatters, of the furry type.  They found the accommodations to their liking but oh my they are a messy bunch. So there is that!

I have been studying all of the photographs for clues about why, when and how this neglect happened. One of the chair photos below has a date, April 2001.

With that date, I knew the why, when and how. It is not part of this story except it is the cause of the beginning of abandoning my daydream. 

chippy farmhouse jelly cabinet
 I made a pact with myself that I would not buy any furnishings for The Garden Palace until everything was done.
Yes, that deal lasted maybe a couple of months. 
This little jelly cabinet was my first purchase.
one of two tables that I purchased
someone told me this was a library table
 I used this table for a work table until I decided to move the base to the big house and add a glass top on it. 
After all, I had two tables. 
set of four homemade chairs
This is the picture that had April 2001 on the back. I'm getting it ready to paint.
Notice the parlor floor.
mustard yellow homemade chairs
 I brought these to my studio and made cute little skirted seat covers. I purchased these along with the jelly cabinet. 
They still live in my studio.
Here, I can see the parlor floor has been finished.
My last accomplishment.
chippy red metal cabinet
and my ten foot ladder
to be continued....


  1. I am enjoying this tale and so am happy it is never ending!

    1. Janine, it does seem to be never ending and actually, it will be. Never ending. Because my daydream has been infused.

  2. What an interesting story this is. Can't wait to hear what happens next.

  3. I was out Christmas shopping and on the way home I thought about your sweet garden house and couldn't wait to get to the computer to see what happened next....Love this story!

  4. Thank you for this tale of re-inspiration. I have a dream too Sharon. When I purchased this home a little over 4 years ago, on my own while my husband & I were separated, I 'knew' that the old boat house in disarray would one day be my art studio (since the unfinished basement was too dark with only one window). Since this is a 1908 fishing cottage … which has had its share of add-ons, even at it's tininess at 1100 sq ft, complete … there were many other repairs that have been in need prior to the realization of that dream. Along the way, my husband (now passed about 18 months) did help with those repairs … a new metal roof (which I did at least 2/3rds of on my own since I was the 'retired' one), exterior prep & paint (he was a painting contractor after all, but I did learn plenty from his years of experience).

    However, in recent months … I realized the need to 'shift' my daydream a bit. Since the old boat house is way out in the marsh toward the end of my dock, it 'feels' more like this space will become a 'tiny room' unto itself for lounging, reading, contemplating, inspiration & meditation … in its resurrection. My art studio has its own need to be closer (and, frankly less expensive to plumb & wire) to my home. I am contemplating looking into a pre-made little house … and, there are plenty of options. Now … the waiting game … for my 'ship to come in' … financially that is. Until then, the art in me has finally resurface … and, my studio is my kitchen table, with windows on all three sides … light pouring in, to both the space & me.

  5. I love your day dream Paula! Oh how just saying a "1908 fishing cottage" conjures up all sorts of daydreamy thoughts. Your shifted daydream about using the boat house as a place to read and contemplate, be inspired and meditate is what my original plan was for my Garden Palace. Like you, I have had a "shift". Even though it is not all that close to my house (meaning not right out the back door), I now want to consider it my Artist In Residence studio. I have a very nice home studio. But now that I am retired, I can have both because I now have all the time in the world to meander over there. Whenever.

    Thank you for sharing here! Tell me more as you wish.

  6. What a sweet little place this is and I am in awe of your talent of designing and building...a true artist in every sense of the word. Now I want to go out the the Flint Hills here in Kansas and comb the area for an old building. What a delightful...and SLOW project it has been for you...patience is a must obviously. You must have an abundance of it.

  7. There is pain in the abounding and neglect - but as you have allowed your wanderings back you have found understanding and with that healing! You found your way back when your heart was ready!
    I do believe everything happens in perfect timing! You are now ready!


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