Saturday, December 28, 2013

Garden Palace Floors

floor cloth study
 The Garden Palace floors aren't ready for decoration but I'm afraid I just can't stop daydreaming about it.
I always planned to paint a faux carpet on the middle room floor.
But when the memory of painting a floor cloth popped up, I could not stop myself from ordering a roll of real heavy canvas (22 oz) suitable for floor cloths.
floor cloth study with dark wax
 Yesterday I used a small scrap of canvas to experiment with different paints. 
I purchased 4 colors of the Valspar sample jars to compare with Derivan Matisse Background paints I have. 
Valspar sample colors
I definitely formed some opinions with this study. 
 Valspar is less expensive and readily available to me; however, it has a strong odor. It doesn't cover as opaque as I would like.
These 8oz sample jars are $2.98. The colors are beautiful but the fall//winter palette is what is available now. 
I have a pretty large collection of Matisse Background colors. I must order them online. Matisse is 8.45oz jars for $10.00 and very opaque with one application. 

I have concluded that I will use what I have and there is no reason that I can't mix the two different paints. 

Now, I have to come up with a design that pleases me. Oh lordy, talk about a white canvas block!  I will be painting two floor cloths each 5 feet by 9 feet before hemmed.
FYI: If you are inspired to paint one, there is a lot of info about floor cloths on the net. 


  1. I am so enjoying "your" progress ......... Floor cloths, you say......I have a porch I would like to "paint" a floor cloth is a long narrow porch......I will be right here watching you.

  2. I quite like the design of your sample. I'd like the painting part of making a floor cloth but not the hemming part. I might have imagined it but it seem like I've heard of or read about a place that produces hemmed canvas for the purpose. I know you would be limited by their idea of the "right size" though. Will be waiting to see how you create yours.


  3. ooohhhh ...
    lovely, i must say ...

    i will be following you along !!

    {{ for me
    if an art supply doesn't smell
    i like :: i will never reach to use it ...

    out it goes }}


  4. I can't wait to see your next posting on your floor cloth....I've had one in my closet for several years and I haven't done anything with it! Those Valspar colors are beautiful and I had not heard of the Matisse...I always learn something new from you. Thank you, Sharon!

  5. I just went back and re-read your plan....5 x 9 is ambitious and lots of PAINT! I know it will be fabulous...and colorful.

  6. Love this Sharon! Excited to see your progress!


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