Monday, August 31, 2009

Invitation Accepted

Saturday, my friend Susan accepted the invitation to come play ART with me.
I gave a little lesson on painting "Sassy Faces"with Claudine Helmuth paints.
We each worked on two.
Susan finished one.
But I didn't.
ART by Susan.
(and just so you know, she has never painted a face before)
I'm jumping up and down clapping and clapping!
Soon as I finish mine, oh you know, I'll show ya.
Expect it,


  1. Susan did a wonderful job! I still have the art mail envelope she sent me. I tried not to like those paints, but they are really bright and very easy to use. I expected nothing less from a protege of Nora.

  2. Your friend Susan is very cute. And talented. What a great face! It shows also what a good teacher you are. Love it!

  3. Lucky Susan!! She did a great job, can't believe it is her first face.

    Sharon, (you know I will use your name all the time now since I called you "Norah") :) tell her well done!

  4. Beautiful art here - I'm from central Texas also and would like to chat with you about a proposed art retreat - can't find an email address.

  5. beautiful! A little "Picasso-ish" i think. love it!!

  6. Hi Sharon:

    Susan is doing a fine job on faces, I just know she found the time with you painting a great experience. Lovely and fun.

    I also got a roll of red resin paper today. Your influence.

    Have done two quilts that I really like, using the kind of work you inspired in them and it was so much fun, a little slower than painting and glueing tho. I did this as I help my new cat adjust.
    I haven't told you my last new cat story, it is painful for me.

    It sounds to me like a lovely weekend, and wishing you a good week.

    40 degrees in the north at 5am

  7. Wow, I love Susan's painting!! So much character!! I agree it is "Picasso-ish" and I love it. Can you come to Florida and teach me!

  8. GReAT art & good fun! Wish I could have accepted your invitation...maybe next time.

  9. How fabulous is this! I would love to come play with you for the day, Sharon!

  10. Hooray for Susan - her painting is fantastic! I would love to come and play, but would be too intimated - I could never do the beautiful work that you...and now Susan do!

  11. wow!!! that's great! i hope she does more!

    by the way, you made me feel so special the other day. thanks for that comment, sharon.

  12. Obviously a terrific student with a fantastic teacher. What a combo. I like Susan's face and I really respect you for the fact that you share your talents so generously.


  13. I just wish I could come and play too... looks like you two girls had such fun.
    Gorgeous face Susan, I cant believe you havent done a face before!!! Great teacher of course too.

    Jacky xox

  14. BEAUTIFUL! Wish I could hop on over and create with you!!
    Have a great week.

  15. She did a great job!!! So cute!

  16. Delightful painting, Susan!
    Sharon, I found a partial roll of the red rosin paper in my studio. I already have it in use on on my painting table & am using it to make a small book.
    Thanks for the tip.

  17. Wow! I'd say Susan is a great student and you are a great teacher! I know you two had a wonderful day and seeing it second hand is also FUN! Thanks, pat

  18. Just beautiful! If only I lived closer...


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