Saturday, November 07, 2009


Here is the curtain that I want to replace. I really really love it but it's time to update and other than the wallpaper, this is all that is left of my sweet daughter's room that turned into my new Sewing Studio. The curtain doesn't compliment the room any more.

But I will tell you that after shopping for curtain fabric, I realized that I have reached a milestone in my aging process. Yes I think I have.

Either that or I recognized my Mother in myself. Very simply put, I think when you reach a certain age which might be different for each individual, things matching no longer seems a priority.

When I finished my sewing room that bright blue little pillow just popped and that was my inspiration when I when looking for new curtain fabric.

The problem was the wallpaper border just above the wainscoting and the pink morning glories. I'm over pink. And when I found the fabric that fit just exactly what I had in mind, I swooped it up knowing full well that it was not going to match this room at all. I knew that the only thing in the room that it complimented was the little blue pillow. I did it anyway. I spent ninety bucks knowing it was not going to work in the room. I set up a huge challenge for myself. I think I'm sick. No, I think I'm old.

I don't expect to get the new curtains made this weekend but I am excited about the pink morning glories.

That is the new curtain fabric on the right, and the little blue pillow and look, no pink morning glories. I mixed Golden Phthalo Blue(Green Shade) and Quinacridone Magenta and glazing liquid and I only about 75 more to paint. I might get that done.

Expect purple/blue morning glories,

Oh, the anthill in the top photo is me.


  1. oh organizing pots and pans
    i don't have that problem any more
    when we moved i have but 1 pot 2 skillets 2 smaller pans...they aren't hard at all to store
    i love the new fabric!
    i never have had matching things
    i am ecclectic in an extreme
    it works tho...
    happy curtain making!

  2. i lovvvvvvvvve it! and you wear your starry curtain WELL! xo wanda

  3. Oh, you're in a funny mood today!!! Buying fabric that matches the tiny pillow and then painting all the pink morning glories!!! Really silly and oh-so-you! I won't even mention the youtube video..... you made my day. xo

  4. What a dilemma. R - my dear husband - and I can never agree over fabrics; so I either use plain cream calico, or he makes wooden shutters. If I see fabric out there in shopping world that I feel I cannot live without, a buy a small quantity and use it as the base for fabric book pages. Trouble is, I have an attic full ! It sounds as if you have had a lovely time making your sewing room into 'you'.

  5. Hi Sharon:

    Matching is not important to me, enhancing sort of is. I canot stand the stores that use to have womens outfits that you could coordinate everything. No matter what I wear I carry a large purple purse, because I like the purse and I don't like many. Now and then as you mention tho something just grates on one and it has to be redon. I would of painted those flowers also. I probably would of used a stencil and added dots to the paper, I love dots.
    Yes I sense a funny mood also, I would expect to see a quick amusing painting soon.

    Your photo is quite pretty, should be pleased.

    Not old, just a change in what we like, I hae changed also. I am glad to change, it is like clicking the refresh button.

    I also completely understand a small pillow doing a number on ones eye. Small pilows have influenced me in this life and I hope the next. In fact I have way too many pilows, but I like them,
    they can change a room.


  6. I like them all three together. I think they look great.
    And I know what you mean about it not mattering all that much.

  7. Well, Sharon, you are just about the cutest bumblebee I've ever seen! I know you must have made points as a Grandmother with that costume. And, the pots and pan re-organizing reminded me that I need to do the same thing! You make everything FUN!
    I'm smiling with you.....pat

  8. I think you're trendy not sick Sharon. I love the blue combinations. Good luck with the morning glory.

  9. Sharon, those curtains are going to be just perfect! I love that fabric! Painting the morning glories was a wonderful fanciful idea!!
    Gosh, the "Norah Bee" was just too cute!!! You rock!

  10. Love the blue and your attitude! If age brings us the courage to design around a pillow, then bring it on!!

    p.s. thanks for the giggles - love the bumble bee!!

  11. redecorating is F U N ! hah! I thin kyou should wear the is cool.

  12. Oh my gosh, changing the pink morning glories made all the difference!! I think they all look great together!!! Really love the material for the curtains!!

  13. I know where you're coming from, Sharon. LOL I don't care whether anything matches or not anymore, including the clothes I wear around the house. I have also painted over things to change the color. A little paint is easier than re-doing the whole thing. I need to do a LOT of updating, but I just can't want to. You are inspiring me! :)

    I do like the blue fabric and morning glories. It all looks good to me. :)

  14. I must ask......what is that you are wearing in the curtain shot????? Are you getting ready for a party:D


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