Sunday, September 23, 2007

Antique Alley

You know if I told you I was going to the Texas size 25 mile Antique Alley event, well then I would have to show you.

Did you ever unroll one of those fireplace logs? Really cool newspaper rolled up.

Don't you think I can use this someway, somehow? It is waxy but what about those wax collages where you use wax as the glue. I've never done that but heck maybe I will.

Birds anyone?

It was the Wingkeeper in me that had to have these.

Really, do you want some?

I think I shall, at a later date, write a whole post on Ila Fern's Eighth Grade Autograph book.......or maybe Oh dear me, Norah's playing in my brain. It's coming too fast to tell......

What's this?......My mission for the day was No More Books!

I had a good reason for needing every one of them. You know I did.

I passed right by this, but my evil eye friend Susan, who doesn't miss a thing spotted it.

The rubber has lost it bounce but I think I can make it work. I think it will work especially well with acrylic paint. I plan on trying that later today.

Bet you thought I was kidding about the frame.

My mission for the day was to look for frames. But I didn't manage to measure the sizes that I needed.

Therefore, this was the only frame I came home with. And I really didn't know what it would fit.

Lo and behold! This is what it fit near 'bout perfect. Makes me happy.

You can be sure that I found a whole bunch more treasures. Some little this and thats for my Garden Palace. Someday, we will have a party over there and I will show and tell that.

Today, I plan to rest.
My friend Susan wore me out.
The house is quite.
Nobody here except me.
Will make chocolate cookies to send to Ashley.
She turns 18 this week.
All of her dorm friends what Pringle Cans.
Might tune in a Lifetime Movie.
Might just listen to music.
Might do a little art journaling.
Might sleep.
Feeling lazy.
More later,


  1. Congrats to Miss A on her birthday! We just celebrated The Princesses today as it was Thursday. I am glad to be first because I want to say I told you so about the pringle cans! They totally rock as does the artwork!

  2. ps...we would have had to flip a coin for the stampset, the log and the books! Those are fantastic but the wings are special for you!

  3. Wow, what a fab haul. Really love the oriental text. Think what you can do with that. And the printers stamps. I have a partial set but you got the whole lot!Hours of fun ahead for you and Norah!

  4. Goodies, lots of Goodies. Norah is one smilin' muse I'll bet.

    Is that a piece of sheet music I see peeping out from under the books. Books, oh yes, had to get those.


  5. What a great blog, I'll be calling again!

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I'm finally coming up for air after a very very busy time around here. I want to thank you so very much for my ART Mail and will be posting it tomorrow. THANK YOU ~ you're a sweetheart!!
    Have a fabulous week and I'm looking forward to catching up tomorrow on what you've been up to!
    Thanks again.
    Sandy :)

  7. what a great haul for you...i've been busy antiquing in new jersey...missed you...happy fall...blessings, rebecca

  8. ooooh, Sharon, you do know how to treasure hunt! I can't wait to see what you and Norah create this week. smiles...

  9. Great time had by all by the sound of it, love the treasures and what fabulous old stamps.

  10. I recently dug out my old childhood autograph book to do some sort of art book project with! I think I had it when I was about 9, so that would make it 44 years old. Haven't decided exactly what to do with it yet.
    You have a great blog!

  11. ummmm-m-m-m, yummy stuff... sounds like lots of fun. Call me next time and I'll fight ya over the bargain tables. LOL.

  12. How can this be my first visit here?? I LOVE all your work....will be back to explore more.

  13. Oh, I'm feeling some stamp envy over here! What a great haul; I can see that every single item was needed. Good job!

  14. You got some DARNED GOOD STUFF is what !

    I felt like I was standing next to you there as you went thru your loot and told me alllll about it.

    Lucky Finds. You must have had that happy tired glow after finding these treasures.



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