Saturday, September 01, 2007

Good Morning

Do you have your new issue of Cloth Paper Scissors?
It is full of great articles. You'll want to check it out.
Here is the deal I have with myself. When I purchase a magazine, I fully expect to be inspired.
And I go with the inspiration where ever it takes me.
This article by Jean Littlejohn did just that.

Here is the project for my holiday. It is top on my to do art list. I actually started this "at the desk".....shhhh
I hope to make a sketchbook as shown above in the CPS article. I may even try my hand at the beautiful roses. For sure my book already has a floral theme.
I'm using the guts or part of the guts of an old book. It was there waiting. So the first thing I did was glue 5 or 6 pages together. I did not remove any pages. I ended up with 14 spreads. I think that is a good size.

The book was not in real good shape. As you can see I have reinforced the spine.

I have a plan for the cover but I want go into much now as I plan on coming back with progress through out this weekend. Maybe even later today. I'm in a blogging mood.

What are you doing? I hope it is a long weekend for you too.
More later,


  1. Hi Sharon, that was the project that attracted me too! You are off to a good start - I LOVE the way the cheesecloth on the binding looks - that gives me an idea for something ... oh, I just love the way we inspire each other! (off to the studio to play)

  2. This looks great Sharon! And so do your later photos on Flickr! What a great idea for a sketchbook. I might just have to order that issue of CPS as it seems full to the brim of inspiration. Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. hi sharon, wishing you a great weekend and creative hours on your project. curious about your final result! it looks already great to me! i'm not doing any special this weekend, just relaxing at home and some painting.

  4. Love what you're doing, can't wait to get my issue of CPS

  5. you are inspiring me---can't wait to see how this ends up---i want to do a book too!

  6. My favourite article in CPS too Sharon!!! OOoooo now I want to do a book LOL Thanks for the fantastic inspiration

  7. so inspiring the way you explain and picture the project you'll be working on. just beautiful sharon!

  8. I SOOOOO want to come to your next art party!! What fun! =) Your journal turned out to be just stunning!!


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