Saturday, September 01, 2007

Good Afternoon

If you have just come for today, you might want to go to the first post below as this is a continuation.

I have finished the tissue layer of the project. I'm really loving how this is beginning to look and feel.

When I started this project, my plan was to use random tissue on each page as the first layer.

I knew I needed to reinforce the center of the spread and my wallpaper collection would do well for that purpose.

When I discovered how beautiful this bit of tissue looked on the page, I abandoned the randomness and made the decision to use this on all the remaining pages.

The other thing that I discovered was sometimes I (Sharon) am a little dense. For some reason I (Sharon) was putting the tissue layer first and then the wallpaper layer. That was OK. However, with Norah'S (the Muse) help, I realized that the transparency of the tissue was very nice over the wallpaper. Well Duh! Sometimes she makes me feel so stupid!

Now I'm going to my next step. I'll take that inspiration from the Cloth Paper Scissors article by Jen Mason. It is the Workshop article "Glazing Things Over".

I am going to add some color glazing to each page. I'm not trying to get the finished background. I will continue to be inspired with each page when I begin to sketch.
Come back later for another progress report.
More later



  1. Oh..My..Goodness ! ! !

    I'm enthralled. I love using tissue paper. I love altering books. I love looking at your work.

    Maybe I'm going to have to go buy a magazine.

    More, More, More. This is good stuff.


  2. This is looking so good already! I'll be visiting again soon to check on your progress :-)


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