Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Night

Oh my goodness, what a party! I don't know about you but I had a great time. Everybody is gone now and you know what that means.
The party mess!
Something we all share.

There was a good turn out for the party. Some of you were a bit quite. And some were not. I enjoyed all who came. And appreciate that you said so. Don't you just love spontaneous ART parties?

Here is the guest list:

Judy Wise. She got here first and quickly left with inspiration relating to the cheesecloth in first group of pictures. Can't wait to see what she's up to. She is full of inspiration.

She who Flies. I just love her visits, she always so chatty and says the nicest things.

Marita. She was just relaxing and painting this weekend.

Ro Bruhn. All the way from Australia, thanks for coming.

Darla. She loves tissue too and we had coffee early together.

Zorana. She recognized the explosion of inspiration right off. Also noticed the coffee cup with a little mystery sompin-sompin. When I went to get my coffee that morning, I had the green satin leaves in my hand and thought maybe they would age a bit in the coffee. It didn't work as I thought it would but I was pleased all the same.

Fiona. She was so inspired that she has started a sketch book too. I'm sure she will show and tell soon.

Flo. What fun she is. She has a little step-by-step over her way too.

Christi Snow. We often have early coffee together. Glad you made it Christi. Did you get your new monitor?

Suze. She is a new blogger. I mean real new. You need to go check out her "funky" and "edgy" altered men. Talk about ART party!

Sandy. She was celebrating her anniversary but managed to come anyway. She in inspired to start her first altered book. Can't wait to see a bit of it.

Jeanne. She has been so busy lately but came and was fun.

Annie. From Texas but has relocated. She's fun. Has had the "gronkies" though.

Sharon. Glad she came. I think she may have been inspired to get out her paints. You might want to go see her sketches. They're fab.

Tricia Scott. I believe Tricia was the last one here but she caught up quick. Glad you made it. To answer you question. I use Yes to glue the fabric to the first block of pages in the front and the last block in the back. I do not glue the spine area. I think it is going to work nicely. I ordered it from Blick. It is shown in one of the early pictures. I think the "Good Afternoon" post.

Well everybody is gone already and I didn't mean to be so late. Our blankity-blank Internet was down for a while just when I was ready to do this.

Hey, I do have party favors. Well what's a party without favors? Soooooooo,

I can mail them and I do have a few addresses. If you will send me an e-mail with your other address, I will.

Good Night,


Sorry I had to edit to fix some of the links.


  1. That was sooo much fun!I am sending your package tomorrow, so you can get my address from the envelope. Thanks for having me over.

  2. Thanks for the party! You are wonderful hostess! I wish I could help you with the mess... but my mess is bigger and there's no art to show. I hope you'll find time to work on the book during the week...

  3. Thanks for the wonderful party. You were a great hostess! I too would help clean the party mess but I have a house to pack...

  4. WOW! We don't have cable at the cabin but I stopped by an uncle's house to check email and what did I miss! This is so fantastic, PLEASE do it again!

  5. I went to bed early but here I am at 5 a.m. with my morning cuppa. You threw a great party and not only that it is one we can return to over and over.

    Party favors? I'm excited. Address coming.


  6. Loved the party, thanks for the invite, I'm now suffering jet lag after the long flight back. You put on a great party and so many interesting people. Had a great time Sharon, sorry about the mess.
    Look forward to the next one

  7. Oh wow! Sharon, you definitely know how to throw a party.

    I did get my new monitor and oh my! I have been missing so much of the details in your ART! I just thought that I was inspired by your blog before...I am going to spend LOTS of time here today seeing things again!!! smiles...

  8. I checked in all weekend to see what you were up to but didn't leave a comment. All this altered 'stuff' is really challenging for me, but perhaps I can find a small book to alter. You've given me so much inspiration.

  9. Well I am truly sad....see what happens when one is away for a couple of days...I completely missed out on this fabulous sounding party!!! Oh the inspiration, oh the reading I need to do here, oh the angst of not having seen it in the first place.
    Oh well, I will go back and catch up and enjoy it vicariously!

  10. boo hoo...sorry i missed the party...missed you while i was gone...blessings, rebecca

  11. Oh, my...a wonderful lists of other artists. I'm in awe of what I see on YOUR there is more!

  12. oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, I missed the party - crying down here. I want to come to the next one pleeeeeeeze! Sounded like loads of fun. been a bit hectic around here to say the least.

  13. Oh man...I couldn't make it to the party but thanks to you and all your amazingly talented guests, I STILL ended up with an inspiration hangover! :-)

  14. An Art Party!? Late is my middle name. Do you mind if I just sit over here and snoop around? heh heh

  15. ohhhh I missed it too, but wow what fun stuff went on! I will sure be looking for the next one! What a talented bunch you all are!

  16. Yay! It was a lot of fun. You managed to bring us all together collectively and facilitate all these inspiring art ideas. I'll send you my address in an email - I'd be honored to have one of your party favors!

  17. Fantastic, off to the op shop for supplies. You are amazing Sharon!!!!!

  18. hi sharon,
    visiting you at this late hours here in the southern dutch valley. thank you for inviting me at your party!! i've enjoyed it very much ;) hoping to see you soon again!

  19. I'm so sorry I missed this. What fun and fantastic work. Will you have another party?



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